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What we do

Mobinomics is a niche software system development practice.

We blend our deep experience and knowledge in the telco end-to-end service delivery domain with unconventional problem-solving capabilities to create Operational Support Software (OSS) systems that underpin service delivery processes.

Our team works in deep collaboration and in an embedded way with our telecommunications operator client to design, develop, test, and support new and existing features of one of their key software suites within the OSS domain. Our team covers all software disciplines ranging from system designers and analysts to developers covering a multiplicity of technologies and languages, testers (manual and automated), support specialists as well as database and system administrators.

Why Work For Us

The telecommunications software field underpins telecoms operations and service delivery which has a critical importance to the functioning of business and society at large.

The field is constantly evolving and provides a significant learning opportunity as a team member within a large-scale software ecosystem, with multiple teams, technologies, domains, architectures and specialised applications (network testing, dispatch, fault management, network fault correlation etc) and building blocks.

Our team is filled with a diversity of capable people who are willing to share knowledge and work co-operatively.

The way of working is currently remote, and all indications are that this will be possible for the foreseeable future.

Our Culture

As a leadership team we believe that software teams require true collaboration, especially in complex software environments, and that collaboration requires trust as its fuel. As far as we possible we apply practices which build trust and blend both being both human and the reality of a corporate context.

The map is not the territory: Context cannot be ignored. This means we don't blindly apply off-the-shelf consulting frameworks or imported best practices.

Trans-disciplinarity: We believe that retaining focus on both ourselves (the nature of the observer) AND the things observed, allows a true transcendence of limits imposed by disciplinary thinking

Our Processes

The software delivery processes are structured for large end-to-end enterprise environments which provides autonomy and support for team working. Our development process is a combination or more traditional methods coupled with agile practices.

Our Hiring Process

Mobinomics employs a two-stage hiring process. The first stage is with the technical director of the company, where the interview is aimed at establishing if the skillset and level of experience of the candidate is aligned with the position, and to determine the potential fit of that candidate within the team, their attitude and potential. We know that not every candidate will be a perfect match to a position, and we thus try to look beyond the CV to determine the value the candidate can bring to the company, and the company can bring to them.

If the candidate, is a good match, a second interview is held with senior team members in the particular technical discipline, and sometimes a client representative. The aim of this interview is to establish the candidate’s technical skills and experience in more detail (and may include a written technical assessment), but also for the team and the candidate to meet each other and find out who they may potentially be working with.

Flexible hours outside of a set core of 09:00 to 16:00
Informal dress code (when at the office)
Tea/coffee/water freely available (when at the office)
Secure, covered, free parking (when at the office)
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Spring Framework

Business Tools

Microsoft Sharepoint
Microsoft Teams