About Lafeki


510 Makou Street, Monument Park, Pretoria

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What we do

Lafeki was founded in 2019 with the vision of becoming a leading private-equity firm in Africa, predominantly focussed on businesses in Agriculture, Finance, Technology, and Professional Services.
We combine a thorough understanding of the investments we pursue in conjunction with the use of innovative technologies and mathematical models in our decision-making process.

Selected businesses

  • Proprietary Trading: We make use of quantitative methods for data analysis and creation of trading strategies. As part of the business, we create proprietary software for algorithmic trading.
  • Consulting: Using the collective skills of our team we are able to deliver consulting solutions to clients spanning a range of industries. Consulting work includes the creation of mobile apps and web services, financial modelling, and others.

Our team

We are a lean team with talented individuals who are driven to succeed at all engagements. Our belief is that a team consisting of individuals with unique backgrounds and the right aptitude is key to success as a firm.

Our team primarily consists of individuals with backgrounds in mathematics, computers science, financial mathematics, and agriculture.

Our culture

We strive to implement a culture where people have fun, and don't need to worry about being a bit offbeat. We firmly believe in creating an inclusive culture where people can speak their minds without fear of being judged.

The way we work

We are a no frills, no fuss company. We are not bureaucratic, and have no interest in adopting outdated processes used by large corporates. Instead we prefer spending our time solving problems that have real world application.

Our ideal candidate

We enjoy working with people who are keen problem solvers, and who have a passion for their work. They should be able to work well in a team, and be collaborative in their approach, but should also be able to implement solutions independently once concepts and the approach has been agreed.

Attractive incentive schemes
Medical aid contribution
Flexible hours
Nimble approach to decision making
Partial remote working
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Microsoft Azure
.Net Core 2.0