About Kudos Labs


Weißenseer Weg 37, 13189, Berlin

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Unifying fintech, e-commerce, and play-to-earn mechanics to revolutionize how gamers are rewarded.

We are a startup (currently in stealth mode, so hard to look up) built around a core of gamers, so our culture is laid back and fun by definition - we have gaming sessions, team lunches, and more. As a company, we strongly believe in the notion that the best work is the one you have fun doing. We want our team to grow as we grow.
If you are a gamer then this is probably the company you want to check out, if you aren't a gamer but willing to dive into the beautiful culture of gaming then this is your chance. We combine that with fintech and e-commerce to create a combo that is pretty hard to beat.

Our platform engineering stack currently consists of Vue.js, Typescript, Node.js, AWS, and Serverless. We work in an Agile manner, with a pinch of startup chaos. As we also work with some unique platforms from the gaming space like Discord and Twitch, so you might want to keep your thinking hats on!

Flexible Hours
Hybrid Work Policy
Free snacks and drinks
Transportation Ticket
Educational Courses
Free games and gear
Team Events
Free fitness membership
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon Lambda
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Web Services