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Rathausstr. 7, 6341 Baar, Zug, Switzerland

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What we do

Deliver breakthrough improvements with outstanding returns.
Performance Improvement can be difficult to deliver and time-consuming to manage. That’s why we made KaizApp® — a place where people collaborate to deliver more improvements, more efficiently.

Our product digitises business improvement processes with a total addressable market of tens of millions of employees around the globe. We are already making a real difference to businesses from Hong Kong to Angola, eliminating stress, waste and reducing clients’ environmental footprint. The demand for Business Improvement software is growing rapidly as companies get to grips with remote working and increasing competitive pressures by digitising more of their management processes. We are real innovators in this field and well positioned to lead this adoption wave.

(We have a new web site and explainer video due soon to replace our starter website).

Why Work For Us

Based in Switzerland, we’re a fully funded B2B SaaS startup on a steep growth curve. We started remote-first and want to keep it that way. The current team is based in Switzerland, Scotland and Cape Town (we like mountains, apparently).

Our product is built as a Ruby on Rails monolith with a fair bit of JS and Action Cable going on to make our users happy.

We are growing our development team and there is still a lot of freedom to shape and direct what that team will look like and how we will work together. There is space for deep thinking and creative solutions, with a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

Our Culture

We are a non-hierarchical, collaborative team where your contribution really makes a difference

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