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4th Floor Forum 4 Braampark Office Park, 33 Hoofd Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

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We are a ground-breaking organisation with a vision to transform leadership, teaching, and learning in every African classroom.

Working for us will immerse you in an education start-up that is changing the face of teacher development in South Africa. We're a small team with a huge vision, we're looking for dreamers who want to not only be part of a growing organisation, but one that is trying to change the face of education in South Africa.

We are looking for an up and coming technologist with a desire to make organisations run more effectively through innovative tech platforms and sound data management. If you also have an interest in education then this is definitely the place for you, although this is by no means a requirement. You have some experience in working with data, building systems, and thinking creatively to solve problems in an entrepreneurial manner. You are not afraid to immerse yourself in completely new contexts and tackle complex problems. You thrive in uncertain situations, and are able to work with a diverse team to design, test and implement education solutions that produce demonstrable results. You are not afraid of failure, and are driven to improve through robust, data driven decision making and feedback. You are able to take different education models from around the world, and mould them with the help of local experts into truly tailored solutions for teachers in varied and challenging education contexts.

We are a diverse team of entrepreneurs and educationists, working to tackle one of the biggest challenges in education. We work hard, but like to keep things flexible so that the team can manage a life outside of the office.

We are not committed to a technology so what is more important to us is the ability to learn quickly and to solve problems everyday while looking out for new solutions.

Our Culture

To work as a team, especially across countries and regions, we need to hold the same values to chart the same course. If you strongly hold to the following values, you could be Instill Education material.

Equity - We believe education is a critical way to transform the trajectory of the African continent for the better, by delivering fit-for-purpose solutions to historically marginalised communities.

Courage - We have the courage to dream big, think differently, to work smart. We do not fear failing.

Community - We embody the spirit of Ubuntu (I am because we are); we put community and collaboration in the centre of our vision.

Inclusivity - We embody the spirit of Ubuntu (I am because we are); we put community and collaboration in the centre of our vision.

Ingenuity - We value ingenuity over excellence. We strive to find practical, entrepreneurial solutions to systemic challenges

Our Hiring Process

Step 1: APPLY
Think you’ve got what it takes? Submit your CV and answer some simple questions

Step 2: TASKS
If you’ve got potential, we’d like to see your skills in action. We’ll send you a set of Performance Tasks you’ll need to complete within 7 days.

Once we review your tasks, we'll decide whether to invite you for a first round interview. During this interview, we'll ask you to demonstrate the skills and mindset we're looking for in the role.

Once you’ve made it through the first interview, you’ll be invited to come have a conversation with the Instill Education CEO.

Step 5: OFFER
Once you’ve successfully made it through our recruitment process, you’ll be sent an offer from our HR team.

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