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We are a web, mobile and native application development company. We specialize in custom software development and consulting in the Open Source software space. Our core strength lies with the Java™ language and related frameworks and libraries. We also offer DevOps services.

Why Work For Us

We believe that happy employees result in happy clients, which means a successful business model. At IMGN, employees are not just another number which forms part of the productivity line, they are considered family. We don't limit employees to certain expectations, but instead allow them to grow in their uniqueness and reach their full potential. Business are built on relationships and we embrace that term fully.

Our Culture

We do not stand for grey cubicles and people with a noose tied around their necks. We are all about allowing our employees to work in a relaxed environment of their choice. When people are relaxed and at ease, they can function at their best, resulting in even more creative and innovative thoughts and optimum results regarding their engineering strategies and work output. Building apps are a creative, innovative and fun thing to do - why limit people if they work in a field where there's almost no limit to what can be?

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering processes are all customized to the client's specific needs. Team sizes are based on the project's specifications and teams are grouped strategically to ensure every team have enough relevant skills to complete a project successfully. Agility is very important to us. We use tools like Jira which gives us access to Scrum and Kanban. With a remote team, communication is key, which means we have regular Slack conversations and make use of Google hangouts and Skype.

Our Hiring Process

If we like what we hear about you, we will have a telephonic interview with you. In this interview we will ask you a few questions, test your technical knowledge and see if you are fit for the team. The second interview will then take place in person, so that we can get to know you better, before making our final decision.

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