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1st Floor, 11 Mackay Avenue, Blairgowrie

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Our elevator pitch, ('cause you're worth it):

GoFETCh is a one-of-a-kind Data Solution with a revolutionary platform and methodology that is taking numbers and turning heads. We work with premium hospitality and retail brands and have a growing client base that are using GoFETCh to challenge conventional thinking around customer data and deliver unique experiences to their guests, customers and employee.

Version is no baby, but this is just the beginning. Buckle up and be prepared to grow this platform into a world class, aspiring leader in our chosen industries with clients that are ready to push the limits.

Keen to work with a unique team in a fast paced environment to grow a brand and platform that ruffles the feathers of the big boys and takes no prisoners?

What will make you swipe right (a.k.a Why work for us)
We look for the sharp, out of the box thinkers with a can do attitude. Micromanaging is sooooo corporate and we don't like that. A healthy balance of work and banter keeps us sane and we encourage it! We don't have job titles because everyone likes to get their hands dirty and get stuck into tackling challenges.

Culturally speaking....

We don't do:
- Jargon heavy, long meetings
- Closed minds
- Dress code

We do:
- Love opinions and suggestions

Our engineering processes and other need to know items:
Want some ‘open source’ on those chips? We’ve developed fast and furiously and it’s time to take a more measured and agile approach to our development. We want small, documented, incremental updates and improvements because no one likes to be in the office until 3AM hitting espressos to get them through a night performing system roll backs.... Let’s keep those for creative sessions and new ‘take over the world’ dev projects.

No dress code
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Fun office environment
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