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In 2019, we had this idea that outbound sales is broken. Why should you have to make a hundred calls a day to do three deals a month? That’s ridiculous. Surely there’s a way to dive into the data, crunch some numbers, and build a more targeted, high converting approach.

Obviously there is – but sales teams are too busy chasing that one ‘yes’ (and they’re salespeople, not data scientists).

Today, we’re lucky enough to be floating amongst a massive amount of data that can close you more deals.

Harley-Davidson did it. In 2016, sales dropped to just two bikes a week at their New York City dealership. So they tried something new and looked to the data, ran some analytics and built a few prediction models.

The result- a 3000% increase in sales in just 3 months. They sold 15 bikes in a weekend.

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