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Unit 20-22, Ground Floor, Southdowns Ridge Office Park, Cnr John Vorster & Nellmapius Drive, Centurion, South Africa

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What we do

FINWorks enables any ambitious investment company to compete and retain its individuality. Implementations of our system range from basic account consolidation to managing the investors assets online. The FINWorks system gives our clients the online presence they need.

FINWorks started in 2005, believing that the financial sector was complicated enough without systems adding to the complexity. We aim to improve systems design and deliver more value for money. The vision is to improve the competitive position of ambitious investment players by making high-level systems available, traditionally only affordable to the multi-nationals. With this, increased efficiencies, the agility to adapt to changing needs or emerging opportunities and importantly, the ability for smaller players to deliver a first -class client experience.

Why Work For Us

The FINWorks team is geared to deliver the promise to our clients. We have experienced project managers, professional software developers, trainers and mentors. They are well versed in the development of object oriented systems and have extensive knowledge of the investment management domain.

We work in a challenging and large domain in the investment space requiring sophisticated object and state modelling. You will learn about instruments, dealers, custodians, bulk trading, fees, foreign exchange, client management, investment administration and so much more.

Our technology is advanced, but not main stream. It is known for its simplicity, object-oriented purity, elegant live coding and debugging and programmer productivity. We use Smalltalk and an object database Gemstone with Linux, git, ruby, chef, Jenkins, unit tests, containers, etc.

Our Culture

All team members work remotely, using conferencing tools to communicate in a collaborative work environment. We have a virtual office and our infrastructure is in the cloud. We have a culture of solving the problem, working together and getting the job done. We believe in automating repetitive tasks, continuous improvements, random acts of kindness, clean code, good design and ability to change.

Our Engineering Processes

Requirements, changes and bugs go onto one list and are planned every morning in the team during a 15 to 30 minute meeting. Tasks are prioritised and we expect developers to do thorough analysis and understand the requirements. We don't work with large specification documents but rather team members should ask questions and help each other understand the requirements and design solutions. Developers use test driven development and implement the solution in Pharo with source control done in Git. Once new code is pushed to development, Jenkins (continuous integration server) automatically runs through tests and deployments to Gemstone. Our manual tester then re-tests the functionality once delivered by the developer. Once manual testing is done, the new release is deployed to all clients for user acceptance testing. Accepted releases are deployed to production automatically via scripts that run at night without manual interaction.

Our Hiring Process

Review of potential candidate done by directors. Interview and continuous discussions with directors to make sure the candidate and FINWorks are both in agreement that they should work together. Second interview with team with further discussions. Appointment.

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