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Bandwidth Barn, 66-68 Albert Road Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925

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What we do

Excel@Uni is on a mission is to improve student success in universities through the use of digital technology. We do this by developing a range of digital solutions that are critical to the success of students. We empower students by increasing their odds of graduating on time.

Our Mission

Excel@Uni empowers youth by increasing their odds of graduating on time, training them to be work-ready, and earning an income from their studies.

Our Vision

To become the leading youth skills development business in South Africa and empower thousands of youths to reach their career potential.

Our Values

• Commitment: Dedicated to the betterment of our end users with a long-term commitment to our mission.

• Customer Centric: Committed to creating a truly engaging and valued experience for our clients and students, to
help them succeed.

• Empathetic: Empathetic to the struggles and challenges that our end user students face.

• Honesty: Honest in the way we express feedback to our stakeholders and in the way we conduct ourselves.

• Unity: Always there for each other in the good and the bad, recognising the importance and difficulty of the
mission at hand.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Candidate search
  2. Technical assessment for shortlisted candidates
  3. Interview with CTO and CEO on alignment with company mission and values
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