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88 Stella Street, Sandown Mews, Sandton, Johannesburg

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What we do

We aim to improve patient care globally by connecting medical professionals to locally relevant guideline and medicines information.

EMGuidance is a mobile app and platform, connecting registered medical professionals to point-of-care medical content, from a number of established institutions, including government departments, medical schools, as well as a comprehensive database of medicines information. The app is location-enabled and ensures that medical professionals access regionally specific guideline, medicines, logistics and care coordination information.

EMGuidance offers a unique opportunity for multinational pharmaceutical companies to engage with medical professional users through the app, in a manner that is value adding and respects clinical independence.

Why Work For Us

EMGuidance aims to make a massive social impact by improving the way medical professionals access information and make decisions. We are solving a very real problem at a local level, with a globally scalable solution. Already, there are a number of small pockets of users in a few African countries in addition to the 13000 medical professionals in South Africa. We are solving technical problems from the ground up and there is a significant amount of new development and features with which to get involved.

Our Culture

We are results orientated and operate in a context of trust. We empower individuals to take ownership of areas of work and provide them with the freedom to reach the desired outcomes. There is a flat organisational structure, and we encourage an open atmosphere in which everyone is free to present arguments, ideas and debate. We believe that everyone brings something to table even when you are not a specialist in a given area and encourage throwing your ideas in the pot. We love our team outings where we do anything from painting pottery to being a tourist and taking the red bus around town.
We fly helicopters in the office after hours but enjoy the peace and quiet of earphones during work-hours. We have snacks available for staff and have a company lunch at least once a week. We make sure we have tons of good coffee and often kick back and talk about changing healthcare through tech.

Our Engineering Processes

There is close collaboration between the medical/scientific side of things and software design and development. The team consists of pharmacists, doctors, software developers, designers and a digital marketing expert. We believe that if we are not failing at least 20% of the time we are not trying enough new ideas. We are starting to run agile and sprint methodologies and look forward to building these processes out over the next few months.

Our Hiring Process

We encourage all prospective hires to meet the team and not just a small interview with one or two members. We want to get to know you and make sure you fit with the mission of the company .

Free coffee
Flexible hours
Team outings
No dress code but clothes are preferable :)
Chance to impact patients and save lives with your code
fly helicopters and paper planes in the office
Parking bay
We recycle at the office and believe it is super important to promote!
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon VPC


Android Studio


Amazon Route 53
Amazon SES
Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Our current head of tech and your new boss, check out that hairy hand!
One of the bosses playing with the company helicopter. Luckily no one has ever been injured. One day we will have a real company helicopter.
Howard, hard at work with his boardshorts and trucker cap
Where the magic happens
Pharmacists hard at work!
You believe these are doctors! Brainstorming session on the medicines section.
Team outing - painting plates for the office at Clay Cafe

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