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Elucidate (we are hiring!), is a machine learning boutique firm which offers data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions in marketing, credit as well as other industries. We operate on a unique shared-value model: we only get paid if we deliver value. This eliminates risk for our customers and drives us to deliver a positive experience and excellent results.

Our product portfolio includes:
LucidRelate – Marketing, CRM and Employee performance solutions
Your relationship with your customers includes acquisition, service and retention. Our platform assists with the entire process through advanced customer segmentation, leads optimization, product personalisation, call-center optimization, chatbots and churn management. Our product suite has been implemented in medium and large businesses in South Africa, Australia and the Netherlands.

LucidCredit - Micro-credit solutions
Credit providers using traditional credit scoring methods are missing out on the potential to lower bad debt and extend more credit to the right customers. Our state-of-the-art LucidCredit platform allows you to extend more credit while having a clear understanding of how the model makes decisions. Our unique offering makes machine learning possible in credit by opening up what is thought to be a ‘black-box’ and providing clear guidance on how the model makes each decision so that you are fully compliant with regulations. Our solution has proven its value in the world of micro-lending at Airvantage, an international micro-lending company.

Consulting – Custom AI and Machine Learning Solutions
We build custom data science solutions using computer vision, natural language processing and structured data analysis. We work with domain experts in finance, risk, insurance, behavioural science and marketing to ensure that we not only deliver technically brilliant solutions but also add real value to the company’s bottom line.

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