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Infinity Offices, 4 Pieter Wenning Rd, Witkoppen, Sandton, 2068

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Who we are

EightySix° is a company that focusses on building software the right way. The entire reason that we exist is because we believe that the quality of software solutions being built are substandard and we know we can do better and raise the bar.

We are a small, extremely talented and passionate team that loves taking on challenges and creating some incredible software.

Our goal is for you to be the best you can be, for you to grow and help us grow the company along the way. All while delivering the best software in the world.

What we do

Using the latest technologies (.Net, Angular, etc.), we build real solutions for our clients that directly impacts their businesses. The projects that we take on have to be challenging to build and create a lasting impression.

Our passion is building mobile apps and solutions that support them. We have a strong graphical design team that ensures our work looks incredible.

Often we will take on start-up projects, or we will partner with existing companies who are struggling with their current apps and software. Nothing is set in stone and we work on things we believe will challenge us.

Why Work For Us

We have been doing this from when everyone thought Blackberries were cool - we know our stuff and want you to join us in the journey. If you want to work for us you are the kind of person who:

  • Wants to be a part of a team who is highly skilled and very good at what they do.

  • Wants to learn and become a better developer.

  • Wants to have the flexibility to work from home or somewhere else in the world.

  • Wants to take part in growing a company and being an integral part of the solutions we deliver.

  • Wants exposure to many different clients and projects and not be stuck working on the same project or technology.

  • Wants to build proof of concepts or play with new technologies to revolutionize or improve the way things are currently done.

  • Wants to have an impact.

If you have a drive to be the best, to learn and are fun to be around we already like you!

Our Culture

We are a small team building a working together to build a successful business. We work hard, love coffee and talk lots of nonsense. We are always searching for new people to take to drum and bass parties, have a beer with, play games together or chow down on some sushi. We are the furthest thing from a corporate in that the way we do things, but we are hyper focused on getting things done properly.

Our motto is to "Make it happen".

Our Hiring Process

We want to get to know you. No tests. No whiteboards. We will schedule some time to chat and learn what it is that drives you and where you want to go in your career. Our hiring process is letting you learn as much about us as we want to learn about you.

Have fun doing what you love
Flexible hours
Work from home
Build real software
Awesome equipment
Casual dress code
Bonuses depend entirely on you
Revenue share incentives
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Apache Cordova
Microsoft Azure
.Net Core 2.0



Business Tools

Fun times with the gang
Our epic office space in JHB
Our motto