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About us

DENSsolutions is a fast-growing high-tech company active in the field of in-situ microscopy for fundamental studies in Nanotechnology. This field of research is considered to be the key for addressing the challenges of todays’ world in clean technologies, food, health and climate change. Our systems enable researchers around the world to observe dynamics at the atomic scale, when a material is subjected to stimuli such as heat, bias, gas or liquid.

Why work for us

Software plays an important role in the performance and capabilities of our systems. We are developing software to both accurately control the experiments and to process and analyze the data coming from the experiments.
As a software developer, you will take ownership of new developments to our software platforms. You will be involved in the whole software development cycle: from idea to concept, from implementation to optimization.
You will be part of a two-person software development team and you will join our R&D team with experts in various technological domains, including Mechatronics and Micro & Nano-Engineering.

Working as a software developer in our team will involve regular communication with colleagues from other departments to gather the insight and information required for the software developments that you are working on. You will also occasionally spend time with the equipment in our lab (hands-on) to get familiar with the hardware and test your new developments.

Our Hiring Process

Our hiring process consists out of three interviews.
The first interview is meant to get to know each-other. We explain the position and the company, you can ask questions and tell something about yourself.
The second interview is a small programming exersise that will not take longer than an hour.
The third interview is meant to see how well you fit in with the rest of the team.

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