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995 Market Street, San Francisco, United States

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What We Do

Deel is a global HR platform that simplifies the management of global teams. We offer hiring, HR, and payroll services all in one system. With unmatched speed and flexibility, Deel enables businesses to hire and pay employees worldwide without the need to open local entities. We are a technology-driven company with a strong focus on SaaS and B2B services.

Why Work For Us

Deel is a fast-growing company in the professional services industry that offers an excellent opportunity to work with a global team. With us, you'll be part of a company that values innovation, technology, and flexibility. We have raised $679 million in funding and our estimated annual revenue is between $500M-$1B.

Our Culture

We believe in a flexible work environment that fosters creativity and collaboration. Our team is diverse and inclusive, and we are committed to providing equal opportunities for everyone. Our culture is deeply rooted in our values of transparency, commitment, and innovation.

Our Engineering Processes

Our engineering team is proficient in a variety of tech stacks including AWS Route 53, Zendesk, Mutiny, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar, Chili Piper, Salesforce, Optimizely, Hubspot, Cloud Flare, Google Apps, Piwik, and Amplitude. We use a combination of these technologies to deliver high-quality solutions to our clients. We are always open to exploring and adopting new technologies that can enhance our service delivery.

Our Hiring Processes

Our hiring process is thorough and aimed at identifying the best talent. We value diversity and inclusivity, and our hiring process reflects this. We ensure that every candidate is evaluated based on their skills and abilities. Our process includes an initial screening, technical assessment, and a final interview with the team.

Tech Stack

Application and Data

.NET Core


Azure DevOps