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Address: Stationsplein 26, 6512 AB Nijmegen. Chamber of Commerce: 80023673

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What we do

During the corona crisis it became clear that the catering industry in the Netherlands is struggling. Low margins and high costs are pushing catering owners further and further to the edge of the abyss, and sometimes over it. Without the necessary resilience, catering companies will find it difficult to cope with crisis situations in the future. In addition, a solution must be found for the uncertainty with the scheduling of personnel and purchasing of supplies.

Change is needed!

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we launched Data Origins to address these concerns. By offering a service at an affordable price, we hope that the hospitality industry in the Netherlands will become more resilient and thus more resistant to crises. We think technology will play the leading role here.

We want to make the catering industry in the Netherlands more resistant to changes with impact, such as the Covid-19 pandemic. By offering Hospitality owners the insights they need to make the right decisions, they operate more efficiently and more is left behind. Better scheduling of personnel, more economical purchasing of stocks, less time spent on administration and planning, and larger margins can achieve this! Operating more efficiently also means throwing away less food, and in doing so we contribute to a sustainable future.

By offering catering owners what large companies have been investing in for years, we hope to improve their competitive position, so that they can respond more resiliently to any situation. This makes the latest technologies accessible to the normal entrepreneur without having to invest the knowledge or capital. We also hope to contribute to the triple bottom line to help catering companies worldwide operate more sustainably.

Why work for us

We offer opportunities for both technical and personal growth in return for your contributions. We are building a scalable product and as an early employee, you will receive stock options in exchange for your commitment and performance. In addition to this

  1. We like Implementing the latest technology without bureaucracy and red tape
  2. Offer a flexible workspace
  3. Are open to sharing of knowledge and experiences
  4. We have a culture of getting things done
  5. Comprised of a global team with tones of international experiences to share

Our Culture

We are a young and ambitious team who like to challenge the status quo. But also like to organize team activities once in a way.

Our Hiring Process

Round 1 is a virtual or face to face meeting at our office
Round 2 is a practical assessment at our office

Combination of in person and remote work
No dress code
Choose your own workstation
Friday evenig drinks
Stock Options
Free warm beverages
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Amazon S3
Amazon EC2
Amazon Lambda
Amazon API Gateway
Amazon Web Services




Power BI

Business Tools

Microsoft Sharepoint
Some of the desks that you will work at. All of them can be turned into standing desks with the push of a button.
Our office is a stone's throw away from the central station. As you can see from the picture, it's right outside the window (literally).
We like to work hard and play hard. We often compete against each other at ping pong or have drinks here on Friday.