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What we do

Our main focus is building bespoke admin panels around a client’s workflow and data needs.

We’ve been developing custom web solutions since 2009 and our senior developer has 20 years
experience. Having done various projects based on different technologies we’ve come to love a Full
Stack JavaScript solution. We most commonly use TypeScript, React, GraphQL and Postgres, and we
want to be efficient and excellent in these technologies.

Why Work For Us

CubicIT is currently looking to expand as there are some exciting growth opportunities.
This environment is prime for any individual who is driven, can take initiative and who is interested
in helping grow the company.

Our Culture

The senior developer is a dreamer and loves learning new things. He always finds value in a project
being delivered that exceeds a client’s expectations. CubicIT has a culture of humility, honesty and values initiative, drive and passion in its employees. Individuals will be given autonomy to mange their own time and project but must have the necessary skills to be part of a growing team, as this is one of our core values.
There is a desire to train and help individuals become better developers.

Our Engineering Processes

Currently this is very fluid and depends on a per project basis. But we do prefer to do our homework and make sure we have the right technology and approach to solve the required problem. We take an Agile approach and do realise that things change quickly from libraries not working to clients need changing so we'll roll with the requirements.

Our Hiring Process

The first round will be an informal online meeting finding out more about the candidate and see if there is a cultural fit. This will be followed by some online technical tests and assessments.

Flexible Hours
Remote Working
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