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Algorithms and likes shouldn’t validate our most meaningful moments. We want to steer away from curated feeds and staged photos — and move towards a more mindful, personal, and genuine way to share our memories with our loved ones.

Why Work For Us

The pursuit of "likes" is over. People are searching for platforms that let them communicate with the people they care about in private communities. Help us combat toxic social media and create a platform to relive the moments that matter.

Our Culture

We want users to be immersed into personal moments and be transported back into the memories that are truly special. In order for this to happen, you must routinely add to your own "personal" Cookie Jar. We encourage everyone from our users to our team to feel whole, excited, and happy about their lives.

Our Engineering Processes

We truly are a distributed global team. In order to keep everyone on the same page, we implement the agile methodology and have daily engineering check-ins.

Our Hiring Process

We require all interested parties to undertake three meetings before starting with CJ: a first introductory meeting, where we get to know you and your interests; a second meeting, where we introduce our technical Flutter challenge; and a third meeting, where we review the tech challenge.

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