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102 Hoheizen Park 1, Hoheizen, Cape Town

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Company Partners is SA’s Leading Online Portal for Entrepreneurs.

In short, we’re a team of dedicated experts who have assisted over 20 000 South African businesses grow into legitimate companies since 2006.

What We Do? We offer over 120 different Company Services to legally register your new business and ensure you meet all the requirements of your Industry or Tender Application. The best part is that we also offer supporting services like Branding, Business Plans and Accounting Services.

Our IT Team currently consist of 3 PHP Developers. We need a Mobile Developing expert though to take us to the next level. We want to create a Mobile App for our current PHP based system and expand on our range of Free Mobile Apps for entrepreneurs to make their start-up process easier - such as an Invoice App, Tender App, Funding App and many more.

Our culture is fun and flexible - as long as the work gets done, the Directors are happy.

Our hiring process:

  1. We'll fix up an informal Skype interview with you. Here we'll get to know you & your interests.
  2. If we believe you'll be a good fit, we'll send you a basic 'test' in Mobile Development.
  3. Whichever of the candidates had the best fit & test results will get the job.
Leaders / Seniors get performance bonuses
We have a ping pong table and many other fun activities
Working hours are flexible
Informal wear welcome
Opportunity to grow, learn and be promoted
Our team are awesome :)
Tech Stack

Application and Data

Java script

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