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Coffee Circle

We are a coffee roasting company. For 10 years, we set new standards for fair trade and high quality coffee. We are constantly searching for exceptional coffees, even if it means to explore remote areas of the world.

We foster direct trade relationships with our partners and pay high prices for high quality coffee. We roast our coffees in Berlin and invest 1 € per kg in coffee communities around the world to improve the lives of farmers and their families.

For many, we open the door to a new world of coffee. On our website and in our Cafés, we guide you to your perfect cup of coffee – from sustainable and delicious beans, curated coffee equipment to brewing guides and authentic stories about your favorite drink.

We are the market leader in Europe for Specialty Coffee and a certified B Corporation.

How we work

  • We focus on understanding and solving customer problems and strive to constantly improve our various customer journeys.
  • We work in cross-functional teams organized around specific areas of the customer journey.
  • These teams can also include stakeholders of non-tech disciplines e.g. Procurement or Customer Support
  • We set goals based on OKRs that are aligned with overall company goals.
  • Our future newbies will report to our Head of Engineering and work closely with our other software developers and product managers
  • All employees are Berlin based, hence we expect a relocation for this role

Our Product

At our core, we are a digital company which directly trades, roasts and sells coffee as well as coffee equipment from various partner brands. We offer the following opportunities to experience Coffee Circle:

  • B2C e-commerce platform (our main product)
  • Retail (Cafés), for more people to get to know Coffee Circle offline

Our vision is to further connect these areas and offer customers the best possible experience around coffee - be it at home, in offices, in cafés or any other points of sale.

How Stack

Backend: Shopware (ecommerce), PHP, Node.js, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Symfony 3+, Doctrine
Frontend: Smarty (templates), React, Angular, jQuery, native javascript, Redux, reselect, Sass
Microservices: Next.js (SSR and SSG), Nest.js, TypeScript
Tests: Jest, enzyme, Cypress
DevOps: Heroku, CircleCI, Google Cloud Platform, Google Firebase, Babel, Rollup, Gulp, Webpack, Docker, Serverless
Google Pubsub (Message queue)
Tideways and Bugsnag for monitoring

Get to know more here

What we believe in

We are a purpose driven organisation. Growth for us means increasing our social impact in the coffee communities around the world and opening a new world of coffee to our customers. We are a unique zebra, not the next unicorn. We strongly believe in authenticity and compassion to build strong and innovative teams. We cultivate a humble and playful mindset to a never ending learning experience for our team.

No matter what's your race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, or gender identity - if the job descriptions resonates with you, we can’t wait to get to know you!

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Coffee Circle Café (Berlin Wedding)
Trip to Ethiopia
Our Roastery
Coffee tasting (cupping)
Coffee ceremony in Ethiopia
Our Team (picture from 2018)
Our Café in Berlin Mitte
Helen, our Head of Operations, brewing with Chemex
Dewa, our Head of Product and Experience together with Anna, our Head of Marketing
Axel, our Barista
Katrin, our Senior Product Manager brewing some espressos