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We’re a social impact business (a public benefit company), and the world's largest nonprofit-owned tech platform focused on civic action with 100m monthly users, 50,000+ campaigns launched on the site every month, and a 100% user-generated revenue model. Our users win campaigns for change once every hour. From strengthening hate crime legislation in South Africa and calling for racial justice in the US, to fighting corruption in Indonesia, Italy, and Brazil, and fighting violence against women in India.

We were recently named as a finalist for Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Company of the Year, a finalist for the Employee Size: Midsize (100-999 employees) category AND received an honorable mention for the Change.org Racial Justice Fund in the General Excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility categories.

We’re working for a world where no one is powerless, and where creating change is a part of everyday life. We’re just getting started and hope you’ll join us.

What it's like to work here

We are Mission-Driven
Change.org is a certified Public Benefit Corporation. Our mission - to empower people everywhere to create the change they wish to see - is at the center of all that we do.

Our mission is the tie that binds Change.org staff. It is at the core of every action we take and decision we make. We empower by building tools that enable people's power to take root and grow. We ensure access to these tools globally and stay focused on expanding the reach of Change.org users over time. We offer an open platform, where (within the bounds of our community guidelines) people from all different backgrounds can champion the change they want to see in their communities, countries, and our global society.

Work/Life Balance
We trust everyone at Change.org to manage their time in the way that best suits their work and personal lives.

As a company, we foster healthy work/life balance, which means our working arrangements are flexible and we do not mind if you occasionally need to take a day or two to work from home. That being said, we have an amazing team, so you’ll likely want to be around them as much as possible.

All full-time employees receive unlimited PTO. We encourage people to use it and do not expect anyone to be on call or answering emails while taking PTO. In fact, we respect PTO so much that we'll discourage you from doing any work while you're off! We know taking time off is necessary, and the only way to return to work feeling rejuvenated is if you leave work at work. What’s more, the office environment is fairly flexible and it’s common for team members to head out to exercise during the day or take care of a personal errand at their leisure.

Our focus on work/life balance makes Change.org a great place for people with children, too. We support mothers and fathers who are going through the everyday ups and downs of parenting by letting them create their own schedule. Both moms and dads get 18 weeks paid parental leave when a baby joins the family. You’ll often see special appearances of our beloved Change.org kids (and dogs and cats!) popping into the frame on video calls when meetings occur from home.

We Actively Practice Inclusion
Change.org’s goal is for our organization to reflect the beautiful and diverse world we inhabit.

We are constantly questioning systems that lead to oppression and working to disrupt them within our policies and practices. We see our work in fostering inclusivity as a constant process to improve ourselves, the places we work, and the world around us so that everyone can thrive. Additionally, our staff have consistently offered high ratings for personal support and safety through anonymous surveys. Here’s a look inside some of our efforts:

  • Robust onboarding experience rooted in fostering connection and inclusion
  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Racial equity and transgender inclusion training sessions for all staff
  • Pay equity on the basis of gender identity

We want to attract talented people who share our values and high standards. If this work speaks to you, we invite you to apply!

Representation Matters To Us
At Change.org, we work to dismantle the systemic barriers that keep people apart.

We believe that our organization is best equipped to pursue our mission when our team reflects and represents the wide diversity of lived experiences and identities of society. With more than 300 staff from 30+ countries and a variety of backgrounds, we are drawn to individuals who are keen to foster greater understanding of perspectives and lived experiences that differ from their own.

In order to achieve effective representation, we work to address under-representation and mitigate bias in our hiring processes. We’re also thoughtfully creating programs, practices and processes that enable everyone to live up to their potential, at every level, in every line of work and whoever they are.

5 weeks paid vacation every year
Mental health and well-being support
18 weeks parental leave
Flexible work arrangements
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Our 200+ staff are from 30+ countries.
Our teams are mostly remote-first. To ensure strong relationships and alignment, we invest in in-person team offsites. These are a core part of the culture at Change.org and have now resumed post-pandemic.
Rich Phan, an engineering lead, joins a call with his baby girl.