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BusinessOptics builds full-service analytics-based solutions. By this we mean at the core of any of our solutions is a complex analytical model, be that a financial analysis/simulation, a machine learning model, or a deep learning system. Around these models we build, deploy and manage all the required infrastructure, whether that be integrations with existing systems, light-weight (or not so light-weight) frontends, or even whole systems to re-orient a company around taking advantage of modern machine learning and analytics. We take great care to ensure that systems generate value and will work very closely with the client to make sure that happens.

While our team is still small, we count some of South-Africa's (and some outside of South Africa) largest companies as clients. We have repeatedly shown that skill and insight, mixed with a real understanding of the business environment, can fundamentally change the way a company does business.

We work on hard problems in an exciting field. Our work ranges through big data infrastructure, machine learning, statistical analysis, data visualization, interface design, and devops. You will work hard and on interesting problems. We also believe that intellectual work doesn't always happen by the hour and trust our colleagues to figure out the best hours and mechanisms to be productive.

Our team is strongly technical with backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, statistics, cryptography, quantum physics, and actuarial science. The company is primarily split into the development and analytics office in Cape Town, and the sales office in Johannesburg.

How we hire

When hiring for full-time positions we first perform technical and personal interviews (in person if possible, remotely if not) with the technical team. Following that, if the candidate is not already employed (such as recent graduates or people coming back from an extended trip) we offer them a one week paid "internship" where they work with the team and hack around on a few projects with us. This allows us to gauge their interests as well as their personality fit. If the candidate is employed full time (or otherwise unable to do the week "internship") we try to do some remote work after hours with them for a few nights or a weekend hackathon, anything that gets us closer to some good working time with them. Following that we make an offer. We believe that the work you do is too important to choose on a whim and that it takes time to find the right place and people.

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Amazon S3
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Amazon VPC




Amazon Route 53
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