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Roamwork, The Harrington, Zonnebloem, Cape Town, 7925

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What we do

We utilise technology to unlock capacity and higher level thinking.

Our interdisciplinary team works with clients to understand their biggest pain points, which initiates a person-centred design process of automating and orchestrating repetitive tasks and creating impactful, real time dashboards.

We aim to apply an integral perspective to technology evaluation, digital transformation, low code development and rapid software prototyping.

Why Work For Us

You resonate with approaching life and business with a non-dual view, you value continuous improvement and apply it throughout your life, you enjoy the application of reality as a decision making filter rather than ego driven gut responses, and you are interested in building long term relationships with a diverse team committed to doing meaningful work, but know that work is only one facet of a balanced live.

We believe (which informs our culture and our interpretation of the Engineering Method)

  1. in radical transparency, built on respect
  2. in logic rather than gut responses
  3. that well considered, balanced views are more likely to achieve long term success
  4. in continuous improvement (not the idea of it, the hard part of it)
  5. building deep, long term relationships
  6. in high responsibility - high freedom (note the order)

Our Hiring Process

The first of our three step hiring process is system administered/automated, whereafter there is generally one interview and a practical assessment.

Our process is well defined, which enables us to move reasonably quickly.

Work with a balanced team, striving for continuous improvement
Investment in your personal & professional development
Be part of a like-minded team on a mission to evolve business.
High responsibility - high freedom environment
Creative, hybrid (home & co-working) work environment
Conscious, logic driven work environment (also called an "idea meritocracy")
Multi-industry exposure
Work on multiple interesting projects
On-site shower facilities (CPT)
Unlimited barista coffee
Tech Stack

Application and Data





Power BI

Business Tools

Microsoft Teams
Both&'s Pretoria based co-working space - Manhattan
Waldo in the zone at Manhattan.
Both&'s Cape Town based co-working space - Roamwork.
Regular team lunches. Vegan in this case.
Both& stand-up room.
Strategic planning client workshop.
Our close partnerships with clients open up many opportunities for diverse exposure. In this case we are at Tim Atkin's Wine of the Year awards event.