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We help organisations in Southern African achieve confidence in their digital information. Following our tried & tested 6-step methodology, we holistically assess IT strategies and operations, advise both business and IT on how to align their efforts to business objectives, and implement best-practices in governing and architecting information & technology investments with less risk, more built-in efficiency and better adoption across the organisation.

Our Culture

You Are Important

When we say you are important, it means that we’re not your run-of-the-mill employer. We base relationships on teamwork, treat people with dignity and respect, don’t fixate on job titles, care about people’s personal growth and promote collaboration through a flat organisational structure. In the A-Team, you are important.

Know Your Role

Know your role suggests competence, which is one side of the coin (we’ll get to the other side a bit later). You have a unique and complementary role to fulfil within the team, and that gives you the responsibility to live your potential. We believe that continuous learning breeds both inner confidence and actionable know-how, and make training part of our company culture.

Make A Difference

Within your role in our A-Team, you make a difference. Your role allows you to expand your responsibilities and have a measurable impact on the daily business processes and success. We like people who show initiative, take responsibility and consistently build up the team to be great.

Enjoy The Journey

And lastly, the other side of the coin asks you to enjoy the journey. Attitude matters as it fuels motivation and happiness in the workplace. People within our team have a passion for what they do. We live in an exciting technology renaissance and strive to make the most of it. We may not be Google, but we are continually inspired by them.

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