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37 Station Road, Observatory

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What we do

Our goal is to help businesses to design and build better software for users. Our customers are based in Cape Town, Johannesburg, London, Paris and New York. We offer UX design, rapid prototyping and app development to these customers. We fly a little bit under the radar and we quite like it that way, for now.

Why Work For Us

We’ve been around for over a decade. We believe in being helpful, human and allowing people to flourish. But we won’t sugarcoat things. We’ll be direct and honest so that we can all evolve and become a better company that is able to invest in its people and deliver world-class products. We’re all expected to do our part to deliver great work within a given timeframe. To learn, to have fun and to do great things.

Our Culture

Our team is small and highly-skilled with a focus on user-centred design and rapid prototyping. Our clients are entrepreneurs and we’re sympathetic to the investment they’re making in their product. So we need to work smart and be innovative. Our management is flexible, we give back whenever you really need it. We understand that life happens and that we’d be nothing without the great people that work here.

Our Engineering Processes

Storybook is our chosen method for building mobile apps whereby UI and logic is built separately. The team often creates detailed functional demos and hands that over to developers in the form of Abstract Collections (version control for Sketch)

  • Planning, Design, Demo
  • Planning, Build, Demo
  • Testing, Review and Deploy

This is the theory. In practice Lean UX and Agile are far more flexible. In rapid prototyping we’ll be aiming to understand what works and what doesn’t and you’ll be required to help with data modelling, working quickly but thoroughly and keeping an open mind.

Our Hiring Process

We prefer to take a few steps in our hiring process. We can only really hire senior people, we all take responsibility for our work and have direct client contact and communication. This means that its essential to find the right level of expertise and the right temperament for someone to join our team.

  1. Post a job advert (Look on OfferZen)
  2. Shortlisting process
  3. Appropriate applicants fill out a questionnaire, shortlisted again
  4. Successful candidates invited to AUX for a coffee (or cuppa tea) and we’ll have a chat, introduce our work and we can see if there is alignment
  5. We’ll send you a test and take a look at the results. If the team feels that you’re a good fit and the results are good we’ll have a second interview
  6. At this interview we’ll discuss compensation, your role and what we can both expect from your time at AUX.

That's it.

Proper Espresso Machine and Training
21 days leave a year
Remote Working
Flexible Hours
Macbook Pro
Chilled Office Environment
Company uDemy Account
Time to Learn New Skills
Tech Stack

Application and Data





Google Analytics

Business Tools

Google Apps
Reviewing Interface Designs
Wednesday lunch with fresh local bread
Stop. Saber time!
Testing navigation patterns
Getting some remote work done
Customer journey mapping sessions

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