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GEN Africa, 22 Sloane, Bryanston, Sandton, 2191, Gauteng

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What we do

The mission of Anylytical Technologies is to provide solutions that match the business requirements. We want to solve our clients' problems that keep them awake at night. The only way for this to be achieved is for our Engineers to become subject matter experts. Our Engineers love to engage in conversations about the business. We love to hear the love-hate stories and even the politics that surround a business problem. The more we know and can identify with a business problem, the better solution we can provide.

Technology should merely be used as a tool that enables a business to reach its target outcome or overcome a hurdle. The best software and technology in the world will not make a successful business. Software’s usefulness is based on how well it solves a particular problem and this is what adds value to an organisation. We see software and technology as tools to make businesses more efficient.

Our focus is on the business problem. If we understand the problem well enough, we definitely have the knowhow to build software to solve the

Why Work For Us

If you have a passion for understanding a problem before building a solution for it, then Anylytical Technologies is the place for you. We are a company that was started by and is run by Software Engineers. This means that we try our best to provide our Engineers with the best tools and equipment to go about their daily tasks.

We encourage exploring and learning new things. We reward our Engineers for advancing their studies, doing technical presentations and assisting fellow colleagues.

Our Vision

The vision of Anylytical Technologies is to have put together a defined set of technical tools and processes that would be used to solve the majority of our software projects. We aim to transform software development into a discipline that resembles a manufacturing line. Every engineer involved in the process, an expert in one particular area. Once this level of mastery is achieved, we only need to understand the business domain and then translate the problem into working software. The idea is not so much about knowing about every tool and technology out there but rather to achieve proficiency in the few tools we use.

The philosophy that we most likely identify with a service provider is “Go an inch Wide and a Mile Deep”, meaning that we always strive to have complete knowledge in what we use. We definitely don't chase the latest and the greatest. Our preference is on understanding a technology in its entirety before jumping to the next best thing.

Our Culture

Anylytical Technologies values fostering a culture of entrepreneurship, drive towards personal improvement, assisting peers and a passion for software delivery. We are a team of self managing individuals that perform at a high pace to improve the value of our services offered to our clients.

"Entrepreneurship" does not only mean that you are given the opportunity to help grow the business. We see every idea as something that needs to be sold to someone else. Your technical solution, a change in architecture, a new cloud platform... We view convincing someone on taking up your idea as a form of a "sale". All this to hone the skill of selling towards entrepreneurship.

Our Values

  • Honesty → Integrity
  • Commitment → Dedication
  • Achievement → Target

Our Engineering Processes

We always begin by fully understanding the business / problem domain and identifying the key business stakeholders.

Once the big-picture is clear enough, we'll begin the journey to integrate continuous delivery to quickly release and bring ideas to life. We put testing at the heart of the delivery process and keep everything on track with a disciplined agile project management approach.

Our primary focus is on the Java technology stack. As Engineers we are comfortable working on both front-end and back-end technologies.

Here are some of the key technologies that we have worked on in our recent engagements:

  • Java EE
  • Spring Framework
  • Hibernate
  • JavaScript
  • Relational Databases (MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server)
  • Web Services
  • Message Orientated Frameworks

Our Hiring Process

We have an ambition to drive a socially and economically just world and we are looking for like-minded people. The following is what you can expect during the all-important getting to know each other phase:

  1. Questionnaire interview
  2. Virtual Interview
  3. In-person Interview
  4. Online Technical Assessment
  5. Psychometric Assessment
  6. Background Check
  7. Decision. We will stay in touch to give you updates on the decision process and we will come up with a decision as soon as possible.
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