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ambrite is a Swiss and South African-based company offering software solutions for advanced and predictive analytics. Due to its focus on state-of-the-art open-source software components and integration of data science and machine learning techniques, ambrite has become a key partner for both local and global players in Switzerland and Europe in the finance, energy, and telecommunication industry. For our South-African-based branch, we are looking for software engineers that are as passionate about developing data-driven, multi-modal, performant applications as we are.

Why Work For Us

ambrite offers a great opportunity for any software engineer to grow in their expertise and learn new technologies. As a company we are committed to using the latest available technologies and have experienced engineers in fields ranging from machine learning, data science, cloud development, and full stack development.

Being a self-funded and small company, we're able to adapt to employee needs and accommodate interests in certain technologies. We also focus heavily on allowing our team to grow, and provide any opportunity we can for team members to complete certifications or courses that are relevant to them.

Our Culture

Ambrite tries to offer an agile and flexible environment for our team. Here in South Africe we are a young group of engineers and all though we've moved mostly to remote work since the pandemic, we still enjoy a braai at the office every now and then, and there's a strong cycling group in the team.

Being a branch of a Swiss company, we also enjoy many of their benefits like increased amounts of leave days, a yearly company event in Switserland, and being able to draw on expertise on our more senior members in the Swiss branch.

As a small company we also try to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy, having a flat hierarchy and pushing open communication throughout the team.

Our Engineering Processes

Ambrite focuses on two main engineering processes, namely for our core product, and the processes required for consultant type projects for clients.

Our main product focuses on a data analytics pipeline built on top of the Google Cloud Platform, making use of many of it's services and infrastructure, from apache beam pipelines to a BigQuery data lake to BigTable data clustering to a react based frontend dashboard. All with kubernetes clusters and TypeScript and Python based microservices inbetween. Also making use of Google Clouds AI platform for machine learning operations.

For our consultant projects, the engineering process may differ based on the client's needs and technology stack and we currently have multiple projects with wide ranges of technologies and processes used. Here we try to provide flexibility to employees to be able to work in environments they find most interesting.

Our Hiring Process

  1. An initial interview where we introduce you to ambrite and the details of the role, and try to get a better understanding of your experience and whether it matches our needs.
  2. After the interview we send a small coding challenge for the relevant technology to get a feel for your level of experience and style. This is usually given over for over a week period to complete.
  3. A follow-up call where we introduce you to more of the team and to get any specific information for the role to you.
  4. If all goes well, from here we'll send through the employment agreement and get you set up.
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