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The Green Door 298 Cato Rd, Glenwood Durban, South Africa

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Our vision

Learning never stops, the finish line is never crossed. We have the goal of helping learners from all corners of the earth to achieve the career of their dreams. Our goal is to provide learners with the same quality of learning from the foundation phase and then guide them on their way to a career, or vocation for the jobs of tomorrow referred to as the fourth industrial revolution. The schooling system has had very little change in the last 100 years and still educates learners in a factory type fashion, each with their own desk in rows. The work of tomorrow is about technology, collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Advantage Learn class of tomorrow will be enriched not only with teaching but career guidance and opportunities through our collaboration with tertiary education providers and companies who want to invest in the workforce of tomorrow.

Our team

We have a hard-working and diverse team, young and old, with a wide range of interests including running, music, surfing, food, video gaming, travelling, beer, hiking, languages and obviously learning! Although most of us are in Durban (SA), we are a digital-first company with people working remotely as well as in-office, and our time together is always fun.

Our work

(As it relates to a Software Engineer)

Being a modern technology company we pride ourselves on working with the best-of-breed technologies these include; Laravel, Vue JS, Firebase, Lumen, WordPress, Flutter. We are constantly engaging with new and exciting (greenfield) projects and technologies. The projects span across many different areas including digital learning platforms, eCommerce, APIs, data management, insights and operations.

We are committed to scalable and effective workflow practices, always trying to refine how we can best work as we grow. DevOps is a large focus over the next period to ensure continuous delivery at the highest quality. Being a small team, all team members are constantly exposed to new challenges encouraging personal and professional development.

Software engineers work in a small but effective team within the Solutions & technology division of Advantage Learn. This division is led by the CTO and is made up of support agents, UX/UI designers, product account managers, software engineers and system administrators.

We are a digital-first company, as long as your work delivery is up to expected levels you can work remotely and enjoy the flexibility it enables.
We love continuous learning and always willing to consider supporting your learning journeys whether it’s through time-commitment, exposure opportunity or sponsorship.
Sick of legacy tools & platforms? We pride ourselves in using the best-of-breed technologies and processes through all facets of the business.
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