Topic: Tech insights
Upgrading to Angular 7: From Pains, to Gains!
There are many ways to upgrade an Angular application, and the wrong choice could be catastrophic to your project. Here's how I made the right choice.
by Jason Richard Evans
Topic: Tech insights
Native, Pseudo-Native and Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks: Which Should You Use?
Deciding on a tech stack to help you deliver rapidly at minimal cost, is key to a project’s success. Here’s how my team went about making this decision.
by Jean du Plessis
Topic: Tech insights
Using Stone Age Insights to Create Better Software
Social processes drove technological success in the Stone Age, here's how I use those insights to build digital tools as a technical product owner.
by Lauren Hayes
Topic: Tech insights
Winning at Cross-Discipline and Cross-National Collaboration
Although collaborating can be hard, it can also reveal useful insights. I have encountered some of key challenges, and have learned to work around them.
by Raesetje Sefala
Topic: Tech insights
How to Control Your Kettle Over the Internet
In this article, I will demonstrate how you can control your own kitchen kettle over the internet, using the novel Raspberry Pi micro-computer.
by Schalk van Heerden
Topic: Tech insights
Switching from Native to Progressive Web Apps - and When I Wouldn’t
Native apps and Progressive Web apps each have their pros and cons. Here's why my startup decided to switch from one to the other, and when each is useful.
by Kgotsofatso Kgang
Topic: Tech insights
How I Added Let'sEncrypt SSL to a Google Kubernetes Engine Application
In this post, I’ll show, step-by-step, how I went about setting up SSL for an ingress controller through a Google Kubernetes Engine-hosted web application.
by Lunga Sizani
Topic: Tech insights
How to Develop a Self-Driving Car in Under a Week
As a machine-learning hobbyist intrigued by self-driving cars, I used deep-learning to build one in a simulated environment in under a week. Here's how.
by Jason Webster
Topic: Tech insights
A Tester's Guide to Unit Testing
This article explains unit testing while providing tips that ensures both testers and developers deliver higher quality code.
by Craig Risi
Topic: Tech insights
How to Set Up an Angular Structure for Your App
Picking up new tech can be simple and powerful. State management helps move cluttered state to a single store. Here's how you can get started with Redux.
by Albert Janse van Rensburg
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