Topic: Tech insights
Achieving Live Reloading Between React Apps and a Shared Library
Live reloading can make seeing changes across multiple React apps in shared libraries much easier. I cover my learnings in building this setup from scratch.
by Lunga Sizani
Topic: Tech insights
How to Build Internal Tooling to Improve Your Team’s Shared Knowledge
Code changes, and it's hard to keep a team updated with your system. Here's how I built a tool that avoids the problems of a growing application.
by Stuart Corbishley
Topic: Tech insights
How We Streamlined Our Processes Through Continuous Integration
Knowing for sure when code will be ready for release is hard. Naudé explains how his team overcame this difficulty by incorporating CI into their workflow.
by Naudé Cruywagen
Topic: Tech insights
Dependency Injection – Simpler Than You Think?
Interfaces and containers can make Dependency Injection seem confusing. Here, Graham provides a step-by-step tutorial that shows how simple it can be.
by Graham Downs
Topic: Tech insights
6 Pro-Tips To Host a Kick-Ass Meetup
Hosting regular, well-attended meetups is hard when it's not your full-time job. Over the last 3 years, I've found these 6 pro-tips help me win every time.
by Adrian Moisey
Topic: Tech insights
Using Metrics to Drive Targeted Improvements In Team Behaviour
It’s easy to use metrics for the sake of them, but this is not very beneficial. This is my experience of using metrics effectively to drive improvement.
by Duke Coulbanis
Topic: Tech insights
How Simple Code Can Make a Great Impact
It’s more valuable to be a problem-solver than a pioneer that adds no value. Here’s how my simple solution prevented chaos over a free massage at work.
by Andrew Wormald
Topic: Tech insights
Establishing, Scaling and Maintaining a High-Performance Culture
Creating a high-performance culture helps people do their best work and deliver great results - but knowing how to start is hard. This is what I've learned.
by Waldemar Muhl
Topic: Tech insights
Enabling Self-Service Access to Cluster Resources with Kubernetes
Here is how my team used Kubernetes to enable self-service access to cluster resources without compromising our environment's security.
by Stephen Breyer-Menke
Topic: Tech insights
How Hypothesis and VCR Changed the Way I Do Testing in Python
With so many moving parts, rebuilding an existing system, with active users, can be scary. Here are two tools that helped Jethro confidently make changes.
by Jethro Muller
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