Topic: Tech insights
Sedan to Supercar – Code Optimisation (Part 2)
Once you've got a solid architecture, you'll want to work on optimising your code. Craig shares some tips on what to do to make your code run super fast!
by Craig Risi
Topic: Tech insights
How Figuring Out the Django ORM Powered Up My Workflow
The Django ORM is a powerful tool but understanding how to use it properly can be hard. Here's how figuring it out helped Jethro speed up his workflow.
by Jethro Muller
Topic: Tech insights
Bootstrap: The Good, The Bad and The ‘It Depends’
Bootstrap is used in laying the foundation for a lot of projects. Here, Lourens explains where it works well and where using something else might be better.
by Lourens de Villiers
Topic: Tech insights
How UX has Evolved My Everyday Thinking
Here's what I've learnt about UX processes and how I've used them to evolve my mindset in a way that helps me improve other aspects of my life and job.
by Alexandra Hanson
Topic: Tech insights
We Need a Standard! Developing UI Design Patterns and Best Practices
David has seen that there is no real standard that exists for UI developers to follow, and so, he has put together a basic guideline to help address this.
by David Purkiss
Topic: Tech insights
How To Reduce Code Complexity
It's easier than we'd like to admit for code to get complex and difficult to keep up with. Brandon talks about what makes it complex and how to avoid this.
by Brandon Pearman
Topic: Tech insights
Here's Why You Don't Need Blockchain
Blockchain is popular but a lot of people don't really understand how it works. Herman explains this and points out where using different systems is better.
by Herman Martinus
Topic: Tech insights
Configuring “Effect”-ive Communication with Angular, ngRx and SocketIO
With Redux set up, you now need changes made by the outside world to be communicated to your frontend. This tutorial helps you configure that communication.
by Albert Janse van Rensburg
Topic: Tech insights
Achieving Live Reloading Between React Apps and a Shared Library
Live reloading can make seeing changes across multiple React apps in shared libraries much easier. I cover my learnings in building this setup from scratch.
by Lunga Sizani
Topic: Tech insights
How to Build Internal Tooling to Improve Your Team’s Shared Knowledge
Code changes, and it's hard to keep a team updated with your system. Here's how I built a tool that avoids the problems of a growing application.
by Stuart Corbishley
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