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Topic: Tech insights
How We Succeed as a Self-managed Team
My team joined a project after it started and needed to catch up. Here’s how we succeeded by becoming a more efficient, self-managed team.
by Andreas Nel
Topic: Tech insights
How Visma Nmbrs Implemented an API Design-First Approach
The API design-first approach is quite new, so has few use cases. Here’s how Visma Nmbrs’ product team moved from code-first to API design-first.
by Gabriela Brant Alves
Topic: Tech insights
How Stitch Automates Code Quality Checks using GitHub Actions
Stitch found we could do reviews faster and catch more errors by using GitHub Actions to automate code quality checks. Here’s how we did that.
by Jethro Muller
Topic: Tech insights
How Programmable Banking Connects Siri and Account Transfers
"Hey Siri, make a transfer" has been six years in the making. It allows users to transfer funds between accounts with a simple voice prompt.
by Shannagh Hare
Topic: Tech insights
How I Created my own AI Bot Game Using Lisp
Here’s how I created my own AI bot game in Lisp by using a match runner and controlling the Docker daemon using its HTTP API.
by Henry Steere
Topic: Tech insights
OfferZen's Best Practices for Low Maintenance Infrastructure
While setting up more solid infrastructure system at OfferZen, we developed best practices to guide our work. Here are our most important ones.
by Madelein van Niekerk
Topic: Tech insights
Why Svelte is Easy to Learn as a React Developer
As a React developer, I used Svelte for the first time, and was really impressed. Here's why Svelte is a great framework to play with.
by Bhekani Khumalo
Topic: Tech insights
Principles for No-Code/Low-Code Solution Builds
Many end users in the FinTech space are people with little to no coding experience. Here are some principles for no-code/low-code solutions.
by Shannagh Hare
Topic: Tech insights
How Trendyol Improved Developer Experience while Scaling
While we were scaling at Trendyol, developer experience began deteriorating. Here’s how we improved developer experience while scaling.
by Yiğit D.
Topic: Tech insights
How I Used MongoDB for Home Automation Data Tracking
Here's how I used MongoDB's Timeseries Collection and Atlas Data API to track data and find the optimal times to switch my geyser on and off.
by Rob Burger

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