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Writing Better Code: Why I'm Excited About Laravel [Q&A]
We are asking SA's software makers: What exciting frameworks, architectures or languages currently influence your products, coding and mindsets?
by Richard Klugman - 21 September 2018
Topic: Community
Using a “soft skills” mindset in the “hard skills” tech world
"Soft skills people don't fit into hard skills tech environments, do they?" I'm a History and Organisational Psychology graduate and I work at OfferZen, a tech startup....
by Luke Cadden - 17 September 2018
Topic: Community
Mastering Your First Ticket - Tips of a Recent Grad
As a graduate fresh out of varsity, stepping into software development can easily be overwhelming. Here are my tips to survive and thrive.
by Fida-ur-Rasool Haq - 14 September 2018
Topic: Community
Coding for the Win - How I Built a Tower Defence Bot
Treating programming as a game is great fun. Since my bot did really well at the Entelect's Tower Defence Challenge, I decided to share how I went about it.
by Justin Worthe - 12 September 2018
Topic: Community
Scaling With Bitcoin: Automating Identity Verification
2017's Bitcoin excitement was not an easy win for Luno: Our identification verification didn't scale quite as fast as the bubble. Here's how we solved that.
by Andrew Nash - 7 September 2018
Topic: Community
Deep Work: Introducing Remote Days at Your Company
Deep work requires big blocks of focus time - something hard to come by in most office environments. Here's how we established two weekly off-site days for greater...
by Arrie Pieterse - 29 August 2018
Topic: Community
Taking The Leap: Business Analyst Turns Developer
Moving into software development can be quite daunting. Here's how I created my own path from Business Analysis to full-time software development.
by Matthew Markgraaff - 27 August 2018
Topic: Community
Hacking Asynchronous Communication as a Remote Team Member
Understanding and addressing the challenges of asynchronous communication is essential to run distributed teams successfully. Here are my hacks.
by Benita Volkmann - 24 August 2018
Topic: Community
How Do You Know When You’re Not Doing UX Work?
Many UX Designers struggle to find actual UX work, leaving them with little opportunity to impact business. Here are some common scenarios to look out for.
by Brendin du Plessis - 22 August 2018
Topic: Community
How Games Benefit from UX Testing
The success of any game depends on how engaging, challenging and balanced it is. That's why it's so beneficial to have UX metrics for your testing during development.
by Cara Winterbottom - 17 August 2018
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