Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Successfully Start a Business With Your Best Friend
Starting a business with a close friend can be a risky move, but Future Fragment’s co-founders made it look easy. This is how they do it.
by Jomiro Eming
Topic: Tech insights
Using Metrics to Drive Targeted Improvements In Team Behaviour
It’s easy to use metrics for the sake of them, but this is not very beneficial. This is my experience of using metrics effectively to drive improvement.
by Duke Coulbanis
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Primed for Ignition – From Robotics to Software Development
Changing your career path is always tricky. Here are some of the most valuable lessons AG learnt when he left his job in robotics and joined a tech startup.
by AG Sonday
Topic: Tech insights
How Simple Code Can Make a Great Impact
It’s more valuable to be a problem-solver than a pioneer that adds no value. Here’s how my simple solution prevented chaos over a free massage at work.
by Andrew Wormald
Elastic Dev Teams: Ask Me Anything with OfferZen's Freelance Team
OfferZen's freelancing team hosted an AMA where questions were answered around how elastic dev teams can be used to scale dev capacity quickly.
by Candice Grobler
Topic: Tech insights
Establishing, Scaling and Maintaining a High-Performance Culture
Creating a high-performance culture helps people do their best work and deliver great results - but knowing how to start is hard. This is what I've learned.
by Waldemar Muhl
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Day One as a Junior Developer: What I Wish I Knew
When you are new to the workplace, it can be tough to know what is expected and when it’s okay to ask for help. Here's what I’ve learned thus far.
by Justin Gregan
Topic: Tech insights
Enabling Self-Service Access to Cluster Resources with Kubernetes
Here is how my team used Kubernetes to enable self-service access to cluster resources without compromising our environment's security.
by Stephen Breyer-Menke
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Finding the Right Fit: How a Great Work Environment Can Help You Excel
The environment you work in every day can play a big role in determining your success and happiness. Muchenja shares how her company has set her up to win.
by Summer Smith
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Announcing: OfferZen Foundation
Foundation's first report on inclusion and diversity in tech aims to help the community address pervasive challenges faced by underserved South Africans.
by Malan Joubert
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