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Topic: Community
Writing Better Code: Why I'm Excited About Laravel [Q&A]
We are asking SA's software makers: What exciting frameworks, architectures or languages currently influence your products, coding and mindsets?
by Richard Klugman - 21 September 2018
Topic: Community
Using a “soft skills” mindset in the “hard skills” tech world
"Soft skills people don't fit into hard skills tech environments, do they?" I'm a History and Organisational Psychology graduate and I work at OfferZen, a tech startup....
by Luke Cadden - 17 September 2018
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Announcing OfferZen Enterprise
Today we’re excited to announce OfferZen Enterprise, a new version of our platform specifically designed for large organizations. OfferZen Enterprise provides all the same...
by Philip Joubert - 14 September 2018
Topic: Community
Mastering Your First Ticket - Tips of a Recent Grad
As a graduate fresh out of varsity, stepping into software development can easily be overwhelming. Here are my tips to survive and thrive.
by Fida-ur-Rasool Haq - 14 September 2018
Topic: Community
Coding for the Win - How I Built a Tower Defence Bot
Treating programming as a game is great fun. Since my bot did really well at the Entelect's Tower Defence Challenge, I decided to share how I went about it.
by Justin Worthe - 12 September 2018
Topic: Community
Scaling With Bitcoin: Automating Identity Verification
2017's Bitcoin excitement was not an easy win for Luno: Our identification verification didn't scale quite as fast as the bubble. Here's how we solved that.
by Andrew Nash - 7 September 2018
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Work Hard, Play Hard: Why We Do Team Events
As a fast-growing startup, it's increasingly important to have solidly "baked-in" social time. That's why we have regular team events away from the office.
by Bianca Müller - 6 September 2018
Topic: Community
Deep Work: Introducing Remote Days at Your Company
Deep work requires big blocks of focus time - something hard to come by in most office environments. Here's how we established two weekly off-site days for greater...
by Arrie Pieterse - 29 August 2018
Topic: Community
Taking The Leap: Business Analyst Turns Developer
Moving into software development can be quite daunting. Here's how I created my own path from Business Analysis to full-time software development.
by Matthew Markgraaff - 27 August 2018
Topic: Community
Hacking Asynchronous Communication as a Remote Team Member
Understanding and addressing the challenges of asynchronous communication is essential to run distributed teams successfully. Here are my hacks.
by Benita Volkmann - 24 August 2018
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