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Topic: Tech insights
Prioritising self-care: How I found balance as a developer
Here’s how I started prioritising my mental health as a developer.
by Xoliswa Nongcebo Shandu
Topic: Tech insights
Rich Harris on why he created Svelte
During the production of Svelte Origins, we asked Rich Harris why he created Svelte.
by Simone Markham
Topic: Tech insights
Taylor Otwell on how Laracon came to be
Laravel creator Taylor Otwell share how Laracon came about and grew across the US and Europe.
by Marcelle van Niekerk
Topic: Tech insights
How to use reader macros to enhance Lisp's expressive power
Reader macros give you control over Lisp's parser. Here's how I've written various reader macros to allow me to write more expressive code.
by Henry Steere
Topic: Tech insights
How Writing Boosts My Developer Career
Here's how improving my writing skills has helped me stand out, improved my technical skills and made my networking more effective.
by Guide Fari
Topic: Tech insights
The pros and cons of open-source feat. the Laravel Origins cast
The Laravel Origins cast and Laravel creator Taylor Otwell share the pros and cons of open-source.
by Simone Markham
Topic: Tech insights
Taylor Otwell on How He Got Into Programming
Taylor Otwell, creator of Laravel, talks about his journey into programming.
by Josh Nel
Topic: Tech insights
How I Collaborate with AI to Become a More Efficient Developer
Here’s how I use AI tools such as GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT to improve my efficiency as a software developer.
by Thuto Serapelo
Topic: Tech insights
The Story of Code Happy, Code Bright & Code Smart feat. Dayle Rees
Dayle Rees, author of Code Happy and Tech Lead at Utility Warehouse, discusses the story behind the Laravel learning books and the red panda.
by Chris Booth
Topic: Tech insights
Taylor Otwell on the Importance of Documentation and Developer Experience in Laravel
Laravel creator Taylor Otwell shares the story of the importance of documentation and developer experience in Laravel.
by Simone Markham

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