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Topic: Tech Career Insights
Using Modern Processes to Support Dark Age Solutions
Keeping your processes up-to-date can really help to keep you motivated when your tech stack is old. Here's my tips on how I keep my processes up-to-date.
by Gertruida Maritz
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Overcome the Difficulties Within Offshore Collaboration
Today, developers can work from anywhere in the world, but offshore collaboration comes with unique challenges. Here's what I learned to overcome them.
by Peter Khayundi
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Exploring Coding Bootcamps in South Africa
Looking to boost your skills to get a job in the tech industry? Here is an overview of coding bootcamps in South Africa that can help you on your mission.
by Tumi Sineke
Topic: OfferZen Updates
WTF is a 'WTF lunch' at OfferZen?
It's hard to have a deep understanding of every team, project or process in a company. Here's how we explain WTF every team is doing plus a presentation so you can too!
by Robyn Luyt
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Leading a Team - A Short Introduction to CHAOS
Being a leader often means that you are pulled in many different directions. Here's how factoring CHAOS into how I lead has helped me make sense of it all.
by Thilo Muller
Topic: Tech insights
Winning at Cross-Discipline and Cross-National Collaboration
Although collaborating can be hard, it can also reveal useful insights. I have encountered some of key challenges, and have learned to work around them.
by Raesetje Sefala
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Does the Early Bird Really Catch the Worm? Choosing the Right Shift
Choosing the right work shift is key in setting yourself up for success. After experimenting in a few different roles, here is what works best for me.
by Channel Lawton
Topic: OfferZen Updates
How OfferZen Uses a Mission Framework to Power Up on Transparency
In the dynamic startup world, it can be difficult to maintain order in the chaos. Here's how we use a mission framework to keep everyone on the same page.
by Robyn Luyt
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Undercover UX: Creating a User Research Culture From Scratch
Regular user testing is essential to any product development, but can be hard to incorporate into the development process. Here's how I started from scratch.
by Cara Winterbottom
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Common Problems During Scrum Adoption And How to Overcome Them
There are still many problems and failures during the adoption and implementation of Scrum. I will discuss how to identify and categorise these problems.
by Ridewaan Hanslo

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