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8 Questions To: Philip Joubert, OfferZen Co-Founder
What are your favourite failures, unusual habits or most influential books? OfferZen's Co-Founder, Philip Joubert, answers 8 Tim Ferris-inspired questions.
by Anne Gonschorek - 3 August 2018
Topic: Community
Best Prep for Remote Team Members
Companies are increasingly looking for talent beyond their postal codes. I've worked in different remote roles and know the ins and outs. Here's my setup.
by Thabang Tseboho - 2 August 2018
Topic: Community
How to Build a Content-Based Recommender System For Your Product
If we want to present our users with the most relevant information, we need to extract their preferences from our raw data. Here's how you could get started.
by Helge Reikeras - 1 August 2018
Topic: Community
Quick Guide: Introducing AI To Your Company
Introducing AI to your company can be quite daunting because there are no off-the-shelf-solutions or silver bullets. Here are my notes on a 3-stage process.
by Dries Cronje - 31 July 2018
Topic: Community
Lisp's Superpower: Saving Time Writing Code
I decided to explore Lisp's potential by extending a json library with Lisp macros. This saved me a whole lot of time writing code. Here’s how.
by Henry Steere - 27 July 2018
Topic: Community
Zero Downtime Deployments In An IIS World
I recently had the task of finding a way for zero downtime deployments with Microsoft IIS. If you have similar constraints, then this is for you.
by Duane McKibbin - 26 July 2018
Topic: Community
How to Avoid “Fake“ UX-Opportunities: Spotting Interview Red-Flags
UX designers need opportunities to help build human-centered products. Many however end up in UI-focused roles. Here are a few red flags to avoid.
by Brendin du Plessis - 25 July 2018
Topic: Community
How UX Thinking Is Affecting My Everyday Work
UX principles aren't just expanding my skillset but also influencing my mindset. Here are three that have proven the most valuable to my general work life.
by Alexandra Hanson - 24 July 2018
Topic: Community
Debugging with Chrome DevTools: Quick Front End Fixes
Debugging is an art form. It requires both technical knowledge and data on the bug itself. Here are some quick tricks to solve Front End bugs with Chrome’s DevTools.
by Clarice Bouwer - 20 July 2018
Topic: Community
How to Enable Cross-Continental Collaboration for Tech Teams
As more companies become remote friendly, what do teams need to be aware of? Here's how we collaborate between Cape Town and Taipei.
by Bevan Williams - 19 July 2018
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