Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Kick Ass at Your Next Interview
At OfferZen, I see many job-seekers make avoidable interview mistakes that lead to rejection. These are some big impact skills for securing your ideal job.
by Luke Cadden
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Turn an Internship Into a Success Story
For companies, internships are notoriously difficult to leverage. But Platform45 have managed to turn theirs into hiring success stories. Here's how.
by Jomiro Eming
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Using Modern Processes to Support Dark Age Solutions
Keeping your processes up-to-date can really help to keep you motivated when your tech stack is old. Here's my tips on how I keep my processes up-to-date.
by Gertruida Maritz
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Overcome the Difficulties Within Offshore Collaboration
Today, developers can work from anywhere in the world, but offshore collaboration comes with unique challenges. Here's what I learned to overcome them.
by Peter Khayundi
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Exploring Coding Bootcamps in South Africa
Looking to boost your skills to get a job in the tech industry? Here is an overview of coding bootcamps in South Africa that can help you on your mission.
by Tumi Sineke
Topic: OfferZen Updates
WTF is a 'WTF lunch' at OfferZen?
It's hard to have a deep understanding of every team, project or process in a company. Here's how we explain WTF every team is doing plus a presentation so you can too!
by Robyn Luyt
Topic: Tech insights
Using Stone Age Insights to Create Better Software
Social processes drove technological success in the Stone Age, here's how I use those insights to build digital tools as a technical product owner.
by Lauren Hayes
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Leading a Team - A Short Introduction to CHAOS
Being a leader often means that you are pulled in many different directions. Here's how factoring CHAOS into how I lead has helped me make sense of it all.
by Thilo Muller
Topic: Tech insights
Winning at Cross-Discipline and Cross-National Collaboration
Although collaborating can be hard, it can also reveal useful insights. I have encountered some of key challenges, and have learned to work around them.
by Raesetje Sefala
Topic: Tech insights
How to Control Your Kettle Over the Internet
In this article, I will demonstrate how you can control your own kitchen kettle over the internet, using the novel Raspberry Pi micro-computer.
by Schalk van Heerden
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