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Reflections of a Former Developer Trying Hard Not to Be Called a Manager
It’s nothing new for a techie to move into a leadership role. Here are some of the challenges I faced, and how I changed my thinking and behaviour.
by Neil MacKellar - 26 October 2018
Topic: Community
Why I’m excited about Self-Sovereign Identity
Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) promises to solve a bunch of security problems. Here’s how I’ve made sense of it for myself — and why I’m excited about it.
by Phillip Gibb - 24 October 2018
Topic: Community
How Playing Games Inspires My Software Development
Playing games is directly useful to my job as a software developer. Here's how.
by Jacob Clarkson - 19 October 2018
Topic: Community
My Strategy to Beat Procrastination
Procrastination can be quite a big problem for software developers facing difficult or new tasks. Here are the techniques that helped me overcome it.
by Johan Heymans - 17 October 2018
Topic: OfferZen Updates
OfferZen Bug Refactoring: How We Implemented A Triage Process
Our old process for handling bugs at OfferZen wasn’t optimised, so we set out to design and implement a new bug-solving process. Here's what we learned.
by Clive Corbishley - 12 October 2018
Topic: Community
Mob Programming Memoirs: Agile Collaboration On Steroids!
How can developers solve problems collaboratively? Mob programming is an interesting way to solve this. Here's what I learned from two years of mobbing.
by Riaan Nel - 10 October 2018
Topic: Community
How I Got Started With XAML And WPF As A Front-End Developer
As a front-end developer used to HTML, CSS and JS, redesigning a Windows app was out of my comfort zone. I opted to learn XAML and WPF. Here's why — and how I got started.
by Louw Hyman - 5 October 2018
Topic: Community
How I “UX” My UX Presentations
Presenting UX is hard because there is never enough time to explain the deep thinking that goes into the small details. Here, Zandre Coetzer explains how he "UXes" his UX...
by Zandre Coetzer - 4 October 2018
Topic: Community
How I Got Started With UX Design [Q&A]
It's sometimes hard for new UX designers to figure out how to get started. We asked Nicole Bergstedt from the Thomson Reuters Innovation Lab how she moved into UX and what...
by Nicole Bergstedt - 1 October 2018
Topic: Community
How I Got Started With Data Visualisation [Q&A]
We humans aren't wired to draw useful conclusions from complex data. Data visualisation helps us get around the problem. Shiraaz Mollatjie, an avid data visualisation...
by Shiraaz Moollatjie - 28 September 2018
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