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Topic: Tech insights
Using Svelte for data visualisation
Rich Harris, Moritz Stefaner, Amelia Wattenberger and Aliza Aufrigtig about using Svelte for data visualisation.
by Josh Nel
Topic: Tech insights
Automating the pain away: Solving common issues to improve team workflow
Here is how we at Stitch took the top 10 common issues from new joiners and automated their detection and solutions - saving us time and money.
by Jethro Muller
Topic: Tech insights
When Svelte met TypeScript feat. Rich Harris and Orta Therox
Rich Harris and Orta Therox explain how the improved Svelte tooling experience led to mainstream adoption.
by Simone Markham
Topic: Tech insights
Prioritising mental health transformed my life in the software industry
Software development is a high-pressure industry that can lead to burnout. Here are the steps I've taken to look after my mental health.
by Shane Parker
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Why developers should write and how to overcome the obstacles
Here’s why it’s worth investing in learning how to write as a developer and simple tactics to get over the most common hurdles.
by Anne Gonschorek
Topic: Tech insights
The state of JavaScript
During the production of Svelte Origins, we asked Orta Therox, Amelia Wattenberger and Scott Tolinski about the state of JavaScript.
by Chris Booth
Topic: Tech insights
Conquering Elastic Kubernetes Service secondary subnets in Terraform
When setting up an EKS cluster, it can be difficult to change the size of the primary subnet. Here is how Entersekt set up secondary subnets.
by Nicholas Thompson
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How I plan and focus my Project-Based Learning
Here’s how I set up my Android Mobile Development project to help me with my career goals, from choosing a topic to setting objectives.
by Cedric Maenetja
Topic: Tech insights
What is Svelte? feat. Rich Harris
Rich Harris gives a breakdown of what Svelte is, and the problems it solves.
by Marcelle van Niekerk
Topic: Tech insights
How Svelte differs from React or Vue.js
Rich Harris, Scott Tolinski, Amelia Wattenberger and Swyx explain how Svelte differs from React and Vue.js.
by Josh Nel

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