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9 lessons from a failed startup
We got into accelerator program in Barcelona, Spain. Five months later, I was back on the job market. Here's what I learned about startups the hard way.
by Jeff Jenkinson - 3 December 2018
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Dealing with Decision Fatigue as a Startup Founder - The Infinite List
Starting a business comes with obvious hard things like hiring and long hours. How does one deal with the less obvious ones like anxiety and decision fatigue?
by Larissa Pienaar - 28 November 2018
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Undercover UX: Creating a User Research Culture From Scratch
Regular user testing is essential to any product development, but can be hard to incorporate into the development process. Here's how I started from scratch.
by Cara Winterbottom - 26 November 2018
Topic: Community
How I Get the Most Out of Hackathons
Hackathons are great opportunities for learning and growth. To tap into this, you need to consider things carefully. Here are my strategies.
by Jo Pearl - 23 November 2018
Topic: Community
How I Ensure Cross-Browser Compatibility
South Africans browse the web in a range of different ways. I will explain the obstacles to creating an engaging experience and how I overcame them.
by Dieter Buntzen - 21 November 2018
Topic: Community
How I use Jupyter Notebooks as a sandbox for building visualisations
Jupyter Notebooks let me combine live visualisation code with my notes in a single, interactive document. Here's how I got started with it, step by step.
by Shiraaz Moollatjie - 13 November 2018
Topic: Community
What I Learned From Interviewing For A New Job
Getting rejected is an inevitable part of job hunting, but it turned out to be much harder than I expected. Here's how I learnt to deal with it.
by Petrus Kruger - 12 November 2018
Topic: Community
Common Problems During Scrum Adoption And How to Overcome Them
There are still many problems and failures during the adoption and implementation of Scrum. I will discuss how to identify and categorise these problems.
by Ridewaan Hanslo - 7 November 2018
Topic: Community
Simulating The Right Thing: Property-Based Testing
Property-based testing works great in a small set of situations, such as my tower defence game bot. Here's how I made sure that my bot was simulating valid moves.
by Justin Worthe - 2 November 2018
Topic: Community
What We Learned From Rapid Prototyping
Rapid prototyping is great for growing your skill set and applying your mind to problems. These are our key learnings from prototyping an isiZulu chatbot.
by Mark Jones and Mike Harrison - 31 October 2018
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