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Topic: Tech insights
How I choose a source to enhance my Project-Based Learning
Finding reliable sources of information can maximise learning potential. Here is how I go about choosing sources for projects my PBL projects.
by Cedric Maenetja
Topic: Tech insights
Principles and tools that help me build with AI
The speed at which AI is moving feels daunting and it's difficult to know where to start. Here are some tips and tools to begin building with AI.
by Jomiro Eming
Topic: Tech insights
How Programmable Banking is making bill splitting easy
Frikkie Snyman showcases a proof of concept that enables peer-peer reimbursements called Splirrit.
by Shannagh Hare
Topic: Tech insights
How My Team Used Swagger and RSpec to Create Up-To-Date Documentation
Here's how my team used Ruby on Rails libraries as part of our routine to improve API and system behaviour documentation.
by Ana França
Topic: Tech insights
Cheat sheet for building startups in South Africa
I've worked on various startups in South Africa for the last 14 years. Here’s my cheat sheet for building a startup in SA!
by Philip Joubert
Topic: Tech insights
How I implemented a parser combinator library in Lisp
Parsing input can be hard. Fortunately, parser combinators make it easier. Here is how I implemented my own parser combinator library in Lisp.
by Henry Steere
Topic: Tech insights
Lessons on using DevOps to become more efficient and reliable
Here I will introduce key concepts in DevOps and talk about how they helped me and my company produce faster with more reliability and stability.
by Guilherme Pinheiro
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Lessons I’ve learnt to navigate counter-offers like a pro
Imagine you accept a job offer but receive a counter-offer from your current company. Here are the lessons I learnt from this exact situation.
by Andreas Nel
Topic: Tech insights
Programmable Banking Community: Learnings from working with Banking APIs
Learnings and insights from building out Programmable Banking API tools.
by Shannagh Hare
Topic: Tech insights
Rich Harris: The story of Svelte
Here Rich Harris talks about his journey in creating Svelte - from its inspiration to the evolution of its versions.
by Chris Booth

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