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Implementing Versioning and Audit Trails with SQL Server Temporal Tables and .Net Core
Building enterprise software requires audit trail and versioning functionality. We implemented a solution with ASP.NET Core and SQL Server Temporal Tables.
by Ross Jones - 10 January 2019
Topic: Community
Industrial Engineer Goes Business Intelligence: The Importance of ML
Looking back, there is one thing I wish I had known before starting my career in Business Intelligence: The importance of Machine Learning. Here's why.
by Anine Labuscagne - 4 January 2019
Topic: Community
The Secret Language of React Application Design
In this article, I share how embracing functional thinking has been of benefit to me while building React applications.
by Robert Herbst - 20 December 2018
Topic: Community
We Can Do It! My Approach to Empowering Myself as a Woman in Tech
Women often doubt their competency, especially in male dominated fields like the tech industry. Here are a few approaches that helped me to empower myself.
by Cornelia van der Walt - 14 December 2018
Topic: Community
Automating My Development Environment: Scripting vs. Vagrant
As a backend-developer, my environment is changing with every new project. That's why I decided to automate the build of my development environment. Here's how.
by Angus Mackenzie - 13 December 2018
Topic: Community
Idris: Double-Checking Programs While You are Coding
Most programming errors are only discovered during testing. With Idris, you can check your program's behaviour while you're coding! Here are three use cases.
by Henry Steere - 12 December 2018
Topic: Community
Building a CI/CD pipeline for mobile app deployment
It used to be difficult to set up CI/CD pipelines for mobile apps. With new tools, it's now possible. JJ Niemand explains how he did it.
by JJ Niemand - 10 December 2018
Topic: Community
Creating the Trac board: Agile Board Synchronization
My team's scrum board does not only automatically synch with its digital version, it also triggers stage-relevant actions that help us minimize admin. Here's how we did that.
by Jose Pita - 7 December 2018
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Announcing: OfferZen for Freelancers
We’re setting out to create a platform where freelancers can grow and find great jobs, while minimising the other hard things that come with the freelance life.
by Stephen van der Heijden - 6 December 2018
Topic: Community
How I Maximised Efficiency to Avoid Working Overtime
To avoid working overtime, I had to improve my efficiency. I will discuss some of the challenges that reduced my efficiency and how I overcame them.
by Shalina Naicker - 5 December 2018
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