Topic: Hiring Tips & Insights
Tech Hiring 101: Writing the First Message to a Candidate
The first message could be the only info a candidate uses to choose your offer over the many others out there. Here's how to write a great one!
by Robyn Luyt
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Reading Research Papers Can Be Easy?!
Reading research papers can be tiring, confusing and overwhelming. This is how I read and implement papers to make them enjoyable and easier to understand.
by Michael Gant
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Permanent Vs Freelancing: Making the Tradeoff
In deciding whether to work in a corporate environment, or start freelancing I had to make a few tradeoffs. Here's what helped me come to a decision.
by Dries Cronje
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Win on Both Sides of Mentorship
You can be a mentor and an apprentice at the same time, but knowing how to be better at both is crucial for success. This is what I've learned.
by Frikan Erwee
Topic: Tech insights
Upgrading to Angular 7: From Pains, to Gains!
There are many ways to upgrade an Angular application, and the wrong choice could be catastrophic to your project. Here's how I made the right choice.
by Jason Richard Evans
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Set Your Rate as a Freelancer
There are so many elements that you must consider when calculating your hourly freelancing rate. Here's how you can use these elements to set your rate.
by Simon Stewart
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Client Happiness Vs Development Realities: How I Strike the Balance
As a product owner, balancing expectations and what is reasonable can be hard. Here are some challenges I've faced and how I overcame them.
by Daniel Louw
Topic: Tech insights
Native, Pseudo-Native and Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks: Which Should You Use?
Deciding on a tech stack to help you deliver rapidly at minimal cost, is key to a project’s success. Here’s how my team went about making this decision.
by Jean du Plessis
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Excelling as a Junior Dev from Day One
As a junior dev, it's often hard to feel independent or useful. In this post, I'll cover what I've learned about setting yourself up to excel from day one.
by Noel Kriegler
Topic: Hiring Tips & Insights
Developing Work-Readiness Where It Really Matters
Attitude is as crucial in thriving at work as one's technical ability. This is how Alwyn Van Wyk from Younglings Africa trains grads into "work ready" devs.
by Jomiro Eming
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