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Topic: Tech insights
4 key steps ITONICS took to implement Machine Learning models within their product
To successfully integrate Machine Learning models into your product, you need to follow a few key steps β€” here's a guide from the team at ITONICS.
by Tim Terblanche
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How I effectively network at events to build my developer career
These are the steps I take to network effectively at tech events and how it's helped my developer career.
by Sibabalwe Qamata
Topic: Tech insights
How I maximise web app performance with Astro and Preact
Here I talk about the benefits I've had using Astro and Preact and how they've enabled me to create high-performance web applications.
by Rose Akoth
Topic: Tech insights
Prompts to practice your developer interview using ChatGPT
Here are some prompts that you can use to practice your interviewing skills with ChatGPT.
by Chris Booth
Topic: Tech insights
My 5 Cs of productive tech teams
Teams need to find holistic ways to improve productivity and happiness. Here I will go over five principles I've seen help teams achieve that.
by ThaΓ­s Santos
Topic: Tech insights
CouldBe Email: How I used AI to turn meeting agendas into concise email summaries
Here is how I built CouldBe Email, a GPT-based application that creates emails from meeting agendas and topic points.
by Mmontsheng Maoto
Topic: Tech insights
12 pieces of advice I wish I knew as a junior developer
Over the years, I have learnt a few things as a developer. Here are some tips and pieces of advice that I wish I had known as a junior developer.
by Nishal Morar
Topic: Tech insights
Redefining GitHub Projects: Creating my ultimate productivity toolkit
Here is how I use GitHub's project management features, such as GitHub Projects, issues, and milestones, to track my plans and goals.
by Clifford Ouma
Topic: Tech insights
How I prioritise web performance in my development workflow
Here are some of my easy-to-use tips and tools for developers to improve their web application performance while it's in development.
by Adewale Abati
Topic: Tech insights
How I choose a source to enhance my Project-Based Learning
Finding reliable sources of information can maximise learning potential. Here is how I go about choosing sources for projects my PBL projects.
by Cedric Maenetja

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