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Topic: Tech Career Insights
COVID-19 FAQs: Finding a Tech Job in a Remote World
Finding a job during a global health crisis can be scary, but it doesn't have to be. Here are some of your FAQs answered by our talent advisors.
by Robyn Luyt
Topic: Tech Career Insights
3 Ways Our Devs and Testers Win at Collaborating
Khanya's company has worked out three useful hacks to help testers and developers collaborate seamlessly from the start of every project. Here's how.
by Khanya Mbini
Topic: Tech Career Insights
3 Things I’ve Learned from My Mentor on How to Be Successful in Tech
After working with a mentor, here are three key things Velaphi has learned you need to get right to set yourself up for long term success in a tech career.
by Velaphi Mathebula
Topic: OfferZen Updates
What I’ve Learned About the Dos and Don’ts of Remote Working
Remote work is a big adjustment that takes a while to get used to. Here are five things that Steph does to be really productive and involved with her team.
by Stephanie (Süllwald) Truter
Topic: OfferZen Updates
How We’re Setting Our Team Up with Reliable Internet Access for Remote Work
Reliable internet access is vital for remote work to be effective. Here's how we're setting our team up to win, especially in the South African context.
by Louise Bailey Tait
Topic: OfferZen Updates
How We Briefed Our Team to Be Fully Remote
Working remotely is going to be a challenge for all of us. Here are some of the things we're doing to help set the OfferZen team up to be as productive as possible.
by Louise Bailey Tait
Topic: Tech Career Insights
3 Tips to Write an Effective Job Spec
The key to a great job spec is setting it up more like an advert than a list of requirements. Lara shares some tips on how to do this to attract the best talent.
by Lara Bower
Topic: OfferZen Updates
SA COVID-19 Project: Vulnerable Communities Map
Corona will hit people with pre-existing conditions especially hard. If we can map this out, we can help the government plan their response better.
by Stephen van der Heijden
Topic: OfferZen Updates
How OfferZen is Navigating COVID-19 as a Business
The outbreak of COVID-19 and its global economic effects have reached South Africa. Here are our operating principles for the "new normal".
by Philip Joubert
Topic: Audio
5 Daily Routines to Keep Levelling up as a Mobile Dev
Antoine van Der Lee from WeTransfer shares some of the strategies he uses to level up as a mobile dev every day, and hr makes them as effective as he can.
by Jomiro Eming
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