Topic: OfferZen Updates
Top Insights from Our Event on ‘How to Win at Freelancing in SA’
SA's ever-evolving tech industry often prompts the question of 'What is the future of work?' Here's what SA freelancers said about it at our latest event.
by Candice Grobler
Topic: Tech insights
How Hypothesis and VCR Changed the Way I Do Testing in Python
With so many moving parts, rebuilding an existing system, with active users, can be scary. Here are two tools that helped Jethro confidently make changes.
by Jethro Muller
Topic: Hiring Tips & Insights
Tech Hiring 101: Preparing to Reach Out to a Candidate
Reaching out to developers to interview takes time and effort, but there's no guarantee it will pay off. Here are the basics to consider before you start.
by Robyn Luyt
Topic: Tech insights
Using Infrastructure as Code to Scale Months Down to Minutes
Building server systems manually is slow and inconsistent. But here's how Infrastructure as Code helped me reduce a six-month process into 20 minutes.
by Marcus Talken
Topic: Tech insights
How to Build a Product Recommender Using Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms
Faced with the difficulty of effectively recommending products to customers, Charl shares how multi-armed bandit algorithms can offer a solution.
by Charl De Villiers
Topic: Tech Career Insights
The Importance of Tech Inclusion in South Africa
South Africa has a lot of technological potential that is not being fully realised. Prof. Dwolatzky shares what he thinks we need to do to change this.
by Summer Smith
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Living the Dream: What It Took to Launch into a Software Career
When you have limited opportunities, it takes dedication on your side to succeed. Here's how Tumiso taught himself to code and launched into the tech world.
by Summer Smith
Topic: Hiring Tips & Insights
Debunking Hiring Myths: What You're (Probably) Doing Wrong
Recruitment can be a major hurdle, but companies are often their own worst enemies. It's time to dust-off your process, and rethink hiring. Here's how.
by Philip Botha
Topic: Tech Career Insights
What an Inclusive Workplace Should Actually Look Like
Prioritising workplace inclusivity hugely impacts productivity and employee retention - and Britehouse COO, Zimkhita Buwa, has advice on how to start.
by Jomiro Eming
Topic: Tech insights
Using Flutter to Build a Mobile Data Visualisation App
Flutter is a cool hybrid framework that I've found works well for building mobile data visualisation apps. Here's how to use it to build an app of your own.
by Shiraaz Moollatjie
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