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How I Added Let'sEncrypt SSL to a Google Kubernetes Engine Application
In this post, I’ll show, step-by-step, how I went about setting up SSL for an ingress controller through a Google Kubernetes Engine-hosted web application.
by Lunga Sizani - 11 February 2019
Topic: Community
How to Develop a Self-Driving Car in Under a Week
As a machine-learning hobbyist intrigued by self-driving cars, I used deep-learning to build one in a simulated environment in under a week. Here's how.
by Jason Webster - 7 February 2019
Topic: Community
A Tester's Guide to Unit Testing
This article explains unit testing while providing tips that ensures both testers and developers deliver higher quality code.
by Craig Risi - 7 February 2019
Topic: Community
Does the Early Bird Really Catch the Worm? Choosing the Right Shift
Choosing the right work shift is key in setting yourself up for success. After experimenting in a few different roles, here is what works best for me.
by Channel Lawton - 6 February 2019
Topic: Community
Rediscovering My Passion for My Career as a Dev
As a dev that was feeling unchallenged at work, I needed to reignite my passion for my career. This is what I've learned through making this journey.
by Ahmed Tikiwa - 6 February 2019
Topic: OfferZen Updates
How OfferZen Uses a Mission Framework to Power Up on Transparency
In the dynamic startup world, it can be difficult to maintain order in the chaos. Here's how we use a mission framework to keep everyone on the same page.
by Robyn Luyt - 1 February 2019
Topic: Community
Mapping Out Your Dev Skills
Soft skills are important as a developer, but are not often practised. Here's how to map out the skills you need at each level of your development career.
by Brandon Pearman - 30 January 2019
Topic: Community
How to Set Up an Angular Structure for Your App
Picking up new tech can be simple and powerful. State management helps move cluttered state to a single store. Here's how you can get started with Redux.
by Albert Janse van Rensburg - 29 January 2019
Topic: Community
How We Wrangled Legacy Code Anti-Patterns
Working on legacy code projects can be daunting. Here are 5 hacks I've found to overcome some of the most intimidating anti-patterns.
by Regan Koopmans - 25 January 2019
Topic: Community
How I Built a Trump-related Tweet Sentiment Analysis Tool with ElasticSearch and Kibana
I recently learned how to do sentiment analysis with Python, Elasticsearch and Kibana. To test my new skills, I analysed tweets about Trump.
by Anri Goosen - 18 January 2019
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