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Topic: Tech Career Insights
How I Discover and Learn from Books
Books let you spend time with the greatest thinkers in the world - even the dead ones! Here's how I find and learn through books.
by Philip Joubert
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How My Mentor Enabled Me as a Junior Developer
Even with the right mentor, you need to work at your relationship. Here’s how I made the most of my mentoring relationship and how it helped me.
by Ndzalama Mabasa
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to Improve Your Coding Skills as a Junior Software Developer
Here are the most important steps you can take to brush up your coding skills as a junior software developer.
by Marcelle van Niekerk
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Switching the Backend for the Frontend: Why I left Java for JavaScript
I made a career change from backend to frontend development. This is how and why I made the change from Java to JavaScript.
by Adrian Muntean
Topic: OfferZen Updates
Unpacking OfferZen's Laravel Origins T-shirt Design
Here's an unpacking of our first documentary shirt design, a developer-must, for the swag lovers and private detectives.
by Alexandra Hanson
Topic: Tech Career Insights
Backend Developer Salary Trends in South Africa
Learn what back end developers earn in South Africa. Find average salaries for junior and senior back end developers in 2022.
by Josh Nel
Topic: Tech insights
Programmable Banking Community: How To Save On Your Mortgage Interest
Tiaan van der Merwe and Peter Thompson, finalist in a recent hackathon, share their solution to help you save on your mortgage interest.
by Nick Benson
Topic: Tech insights
How We Created a Proof of Concept in a Day
Creating a proof of concept doesn't have to take months. Here’s how we built a proof of concept for “Spreadsheet banking” in a day.
by Shannagh Hare
Topic: Tech Career Insights
How to “Flip” the Interview in your Developer Job Search
I recently found a job that energises me. I got here by basically interviewing the companies I was interested in. Here’s how I did that.
by Andre Luis Araujo Santos
Topic: OfferZen Updates
How OfferZen does Annual Planning
Here's OfferZen's process for annual company strategy and planning. I hope that there are a few useful nuggets, it works quite well for us.
by Philip Joubert

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