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Topic: Tech insights
6 lessons learned from building a dynamic mathematical modelling language
Developing a mathematical modelling language in my free time was no easy feat. Here is how I created this language and the lessons I learned.
by Ruan Luies
Topic: Tech insights
How OfferZen integrated AI to save time on employer profile creation
Here is an overview of our AI-powered solution and how it simplifies the process of building engaging company profiles on the OfferZen platform.
by Chama Diksha Ramchurn
Topic: Tech insights
5 tools that ship less JavaScript and elevate user experience
Here are the tools I use to ship less JavaScript and improve user experience while maintaining developer experience.
by Kelvin Omereshone
Topic: Tech insights
Navigating canary deployment in Kubernetes: a cookie vs header approach
Here are two of the ways I use to set up a canary deployment in Kubernetes, one using a cookie and the other using a header.
by Koen Verburg
Topic: Tech insights
Why I use the old school definition of story points
Story points are ubiquitous in the Agile world. Here I'll share why I define story points as ideal days and how this helps with Agile estimation.
by Christiaan Fouché
Topic: Tech insights
4 DevOps best practices to speed up feature delivery
Here is how HR & Payroll software company Nmbrs uses DevOps to deliver new features, bug corrections, and improvements faster.
by Guilherme Pinheiro
Topic: Tech insights
The DX Toolbox: 4 strategies for driving developer excellence at OfferZen
At OfferZen, we’re using qualitative developer experience data to drive engineering performance. This is how we do it.
by Kyle Gani
Topic: Tech insights
4 developer-tested ways to get started with project-based learning
Here we look at articles on how developers have utilised project-based learning (PBL) to ‘learn by doing’.
by Chris Booth
Topic: Tech insights
How we confidently maintain visibility when switching traffic using Nginx
Here's how we switched traffic using Nginx locations and how we maintained visibility as this transition was happening.
by Rob Burger
Topic: Tech insights
3 easy strategies to foster transparency in a team
Here’s how I create a transparent environment by cultivating friendly relationships, getting to know my colleagues, and establishing trust.
by Lorenzo Racchetti

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