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OfferZen’s Week in Review: 25 September

26 September 2023 , by Josh Nel

In this week’s roundup from OfferZen, we look at why it can be challenging hiring developers with niche skills, what Go developers earn in South Africa, and how xneelo managed to scale their tech team with OfferZen.


Despite their popularity, few developers are working with Go and Kotlin

It’s relatively easy to find developers with experience working with or keen on using more mainstream technologies.

Python, for instance, is South Africa’s most-wanted programming language, and almost 30% of local developers use it regularly. Similarly, TypeScript and C# are also popular, both taking spots in the top five of the most-used and most-wanted languages.

However, things get more challenging if you’re looking for developers with experience using newer or more niche languages like Go, Ruby and Kotlin. \

While nearly a quarter of developers are keen on Go and 1 in 8 developers want to use Kotlin, only 5.3% and 4.1% report working with each language regularly. Ruby developers are even harder to find, with only 3.7% of developers working with the language regularly.

OfferZen makes finding top Go, Kotlin and Ruby developers easy

Go, Kotlin and Ruby Software developers on OfferZen

While it can be a challenge to find developers with niche skills, OfferZen has you covered. Over the past week, we’ve had more than 30 developers with niche skills like Go, Kotlin, or Ruby on our platform.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to grow your team for a flat fee, check out OfferZen’s unlimited subscriptions.

What it costs to hire a Go developer in South Africa

Average Go Developer Salary by Experience

Average Salary by Years Experience, showing 25th and 75th percentiles

Want to know what Go developers earn in South Africa? We gathered data from 238 developers to better understand what Go developers can expect to earn over the course of their careers.

How xneelo accessed and hired top-skilled developers in South Africa on OfferZen

Hiring for niche skills? Finding the right fit for your team can lead to a drawn-out hiring process.. Web hosting company xneelo faced this problem as they started to scale their team.

xneelo has approximately 300 employees, with teams in Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as Canada, Ukraine and India.

Since 2022, they faced two challenges when they reached a high growth phase of their business:

  1. They required niche technical skills, such as Ruby developers, which were hard to find and often caused lengthy times to hire.
  2. They were up against stiff international competition for these skills in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Find out how they were able to tap into quality talent in South Africa with OfferZen and how they made 26 hires to date while significantly saving on hiring costs.

The wait is over: OfferZen’s TypeScript Origins documentary launches

The wait is finally over! On 21 September, OfferZen’s TypeScript Origins documentary launched to the world.

TypeScript Origins: The Documentary features core contributors like Anders Hejlsberg, Daniel Rosenwasser, Ryan Cavanaugh, Luke Hoban, Amanda Silver, Matt Pocock, Josh Goldberg and many more.

It also covers adoption stories and insights from JetBrains, Xata, AG_Grid, Deno, Visual Studio Code and Tech at Bloomberg.

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