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OfferZen’s Week in Review: 18 September

18 September 2023 , by Josh Nel

In this week’s roundup from OfferZen, we look at how an undesirable tech stack can cost you developers, the languages South African developers are most excited to work with and what that means for their employability.


An undesirable tech stack can impact the success of your next hire

While a lack of flexibility and growth opportunities will cost you developers, the importance of having a desirable tech stack shouldn’t be underestimated. 43% of South African developers consider the tech they’d be working with when evaluating an offer, and not having an exciting tech stack could cost you more than a quarter of potential team members.

So what makes a tech stack undesirable? Here are a few factors that could turn potential team members off:

  • Your stack is made up of outdated or legacy technologies: In general, developers prefer working with modern and up-to-date technologies. Outdated libraries can be frustrating to work with because they may: lack essential features, have security vulnerabilities, or lack community support.
  • Lack of community and support: Software development doesn’t take place in a vacuum, and a sense of community is essential to many developers. Communities provide a place to share knowledge and seek support on challenging technical problems. As a result, technologies with small or inactive communities can be less appealing to work with.
  • They have limited career opportunities: Developers are serious about career growth and access to opportunities are one of their top reasons for staying in a role. If developers don’t see clear ways to grow using your stack, they may decide to look somewhere else.

Software developers' most-wanted programming languages

So what are developers excited to work with? The data shows a strong preference for Python, TypeScript and C#.

Microsoft-backed C# saw its popularity rise from 18.2% to 23.9%, with its fanbase growing most amongst backend and full stack developers. They now prefer C# over JavaScript and Go based on last year’s rankings.

C# isn’t just popular with developers — there’s also a healthy demand for developers experienced with the language. In fact, there were 174 active roles looking for C# skills on OfferZen last week.

Number of roles requiring this skill on OfferZen

This makes it the second-most wanted skill among companies on the platform, behind only JavaScript but well ahead of Java and developer-favourite Python.

What it costs to hire a C# developer in South Africa

Average C# Developer Salaries in 2023

Average Salary by Years Experience, showing 25th and 75th percentiles

Want to know what C# developers earn in South Africa? We gathered data from 2013 developers to better understand what C# developers can expect to earn over the course of their careers.

How MatchWornShirt streamlined developer hiring and made 5 key hires with OfferZen

Urgently need to scale your product team? Speed is crucial. Managing a hiring pipeline in a fast-paced environment can be extremely challenging, but there are opportunities to make quicker hiring decisions.

MatchWornShirt is a global match-worn and signed sporting memorabilia platform. After receiving funding in early 2023, the company has invested in the growth of their tech team to build new planned features on their roadmap.

Here’s how MatchWornShirt was able to leverage features on the OfferZen platform to ramp up their developer hiring, making 5 hires in the process and saving on hiring costs with a subscription.

JetBrains hosts its premier for Offerzen’s TypeScript Origins documentary

On September 6, JetBrains hosted an exclusive premiere of OfferZen’s TypeScript Origins documentary.

Some of the documentary’s contributors made an appearance, including Ekaterina Prigara and Konstantin Ulitin from WebStorm, the JetBrains IDE for TypeScript, as well as Yanina Ledovaya from JetBrain’s Market Research and Analytics team.

If you couldn’t attend one of the premiers, don’t sweat it. The documentary will officially be released to the OfferZen Origins YouTube channel on the 21st of September.

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