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Hiring Tips & Insights: How MatchWornShirt streamlined developer hiring and made 5 key hires with OfferZen
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How MatchWornShirt streamlined developer hiring and made 5 key hires with OfferZen

15 April 2024, by Marcelle van Niekerk

When faced with an urgent need to scale your product team, speed is of the essence. Managing a hiring pipeline in a fast-paced environment can be extremely challenging, but there are opportunities to make quicker hiring decisions. Here’s how MatchWornShirt was able to leverage features on the OfferZen platform to ramp up their developer hiring, making 5 hires in the process and saving on hiring costs with a subscription.

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How MatchWornShirt streamlined developer hiring and made 5 key hires with OfferZen

Addressing MatchWornShirt’s hiring needs:

MatchWornShirt is a global match-worn and signed sporting memorabilia platform. After receiving funding in early 2023, the company has invested in the growth of their tech team to build new planned features on their roadmap.

To do this, the hiring team needed to quickly get skilled developers on board. Here’s how the developer marketplace OfferZen helped them do that:

A new way to find top-skilled developers

Great quality developers remain hard to find. In the past, the hiring team at MatchWornShirt mainly relied on inbound applications through traditional hiring channels such as their careers page.

When the team started using OfferZen, they noticed a significant improvement in the quality of candidates they had access to.

“The clarity and functionality of features on OfferZen has significantly sped up our search for qualified developers to fill our open roles,” says Ruben Boerefijn, recruiter at MatchWornShirt. “Generally, we’re overwhelmed with applicants from every corner of the globe, often of mediocre quality and typically not the right fit. Many lack necessary documents such as cover letters and crucial information. However, OfferZen effectively eliminates these challenges, streamlining our recruitment process.”

How MatchWornShirt streamlined developer hiring and made 5 key hires with OfferZen

“OfferZen has become our exclusive hiring partner to source and hire developers that fit our company culture, which is a testament to how good OfferZen is,” says Kevin Rombout, Head of Technology at MatchWornShirt.

Speeding up their time to hire:

The overwhelming influx of inbound applications significantly delayed MatchWornShirt’s hiring process, risking a potential setback to the company’s growth plans. However, OfferZen’s search and position features successfully helped MatchWornShirt interview and hire developers matching their open roles, reducing the overall hiring workload.

"With OfferZen, identifying candidates to move forward in your hiring pipeline becomes a quick and efficient process. This really boosted the speed of our recruitment drive, helping us to make hiring decisions in seconds,” says Ruben from MatchWornShirt.

“OfferZen has helped us to make our search for new talent so much more efficient. It allows us to work with only actively searching candidates, which reduces the amount of reach outs tremendously,” adds Kevin.

For MatchWornShirt’s team, some of OfferZen’s features changed the way that they approached hiring developers. These features include:

  • Upfront candidate information:

With OfferZen, hiring teams have full access to comprehensive profiles of each candidate. This critical feature enables teams to verify the candidate’s skills, preferences, and company fit at a glance. For MatchWornShirt, specifics like salary expectations and workplace preferences proved to be considerable game-changers.

Before switching to OfferZen, they had to conduct individual phone calls to gather such information. However, obtaining these details upfront on OfferZen’s platform allowed them to streamline the hiring process effectively, thus bypassing this initial stage of the process.

  • Clear indications on calendar availability:

OfferZen provides both hiring teams and candidates with the handy feature of setting up and sharing their calendars directly on the platform, thereby streamlining availability sharing and scheduling processes. This feature enabled Ruben from MatchWornShirt to readily share his availability and speed up the process of scheduling interviews.

MatchWornShirt effectively eliminated unnecessary back-and-forth communication, improving the candidate experience. As a result, they reported a notable increase in response rate and speed.

  • Integration with their preferred ATS:

MatchWornShirt’s team also connected OfferZen to Workable, their ATS of choice. The integration helped them streamline their hiring process by linking jobs, syncing application stages, and saving time currently spent toggling between multiple platforms.

This integration frees up time for improved communication with candidates, further simplifying collaboration and ensuring all essential information is accessible in one place.

Saving on hiring costs

With the OfferZen Unlimited subscription, MatchWornShirt can make unlimited tech-team hires at a fixed upfront fee, achieving tangible savings on hiring costs. “From our second hire onwards, we started realising the savings. Effectively, our third hire was free and beyond that, it only became more cost-efficient,” shares Ruben.

Additionally to the the clear cost benefits, Ruben emphasised the efficiency of the process and minimised the risk of unqualified hires as key contributors to their recruitment success. “With a significantly lower applicant-to-hire ratio on OfferZen, we found the platform to be extremely profitable. Factors like the calibre of candidates and the time saved on sourcing contributed to a successful and efficient hiring experience.”

The results

Ultimately, MatchWornShirt has made 5 successful hires on OfferZen, which played a significant role in their growth goals:

“We couldn’t be happier with OfferZen. We went from 10 people in tech team at the beginning of the year, now we’re going towards 30. Up to 20% of our new developers come from OfferZen and we are so proud to have such quality candidates on board that have a great chemistry with the team,” says Ruben.

“What excites me most about working for MatchWornShirt is my team,” says Maximilian Stoll, Senior Software Engineer. “They make me feel at home and I know no matter challenges arise, we will resolve them together.”

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