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Tech Career Insights: OfferZen’s Week in Review: 17 July
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OfferZen’s Week in Review: 17 July

18 July 2023, by Josh Nel

We’re launching a weekly article where we round up stats, articles and events from OfferZen in the past week. In our first Week in Review, we’ll look at developers’ most-promising industries for 2023, ChatGPT’s linguistic abilities, how ITONICS implemented Machine Learning models in their product, and more.


AI dominates as Europe’s most promising industry in 2023

AI’s rapid advances over the past year have dominated the headlines following the release of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Given these incredible developments, it should come as no surprise to learn that AI has captured developers’ attention.

In fact, AI dominates the list of most-promising industries: 77.7% of European developers list it as their top industry for 2023. That’s more than the next three industries combined.

Developers’ most promising industry for 2023

Developers’ Most Promising Industries

ChatGPT shows off its linguistic skills

ChatGPT is an amazing tool capable of creating code and content on command. Not only can it answer your developer questions, but it can also do it in the style of your choosing. Here ChatGPT answers your questions about learning Golang as a boet from Cape Town.

How ITONICS implemented Machine Learning models in their product

The current AI boom is not restricted to ChatGPT and businesses can gain a competitive edge by incorporating it into their product. Here, Tim Terblanche, senior data scientist at ITONICS, talks about the steps they took to successfully incorporate Machine Learning models into their product and shares the lessons they’ve learnt that can help others do the same in their business.

TypeScript Origins: The Documentary trailer launch

AI is not the only technology developers are excited about. JavaScript superset TypeScript is Europe’s most-wanted programming language. In an upcoming documentary, we explore TypeScript’s origins, its rise in popularity and speak to the people who made it possible. You can check out the trailer here.

Maximising web app performance with Astro and Preact

Web developers are always looking for tools that can help them build high-performance apps as quickly as possible. In this article, Rose Akoth talks about her experience integrating the Astro framework with the Preact library and the benefits of using these tools to create high-performance web applications.

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