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Tech Career Insights: OfferZen’s Week in Review: 11 September
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OfferZen’s Week in Review: 11 September

08 November 2023, by Josh Nel

In this week’s roundup from OfferZen, we look at why your interview process matters, what developers appreciate and want from yours, and the premiere of OfferZen’s TypeScript’s Origins documentary.


Your interview process can make or break a successful talent pool

Assessing a candidate’s technical skills is a crucial part of any interview process, but the approach you take can impact the size of your available talent pool. The majority of South African developers have dropped out of a hiring process after a negative experience.

Here are 3 major pain points that contribute to developers dropping out:

  1. A long process with too many steps
  2. Irrelevant technical assessments
  3. Technical questions unrelated to the role

So what can you do to improve your chances of keeping the best talent in your pipeline? A good place to start is being upfront with potential team members about your process.

A good hiring process starts with transparency about salary, role and interview process

Developers’ Reasons for leaving a role

Being great at developer hiring starts with being upfront about your hiring process and how long each step will take. Transparency about the role and upfront salary information are more important than ever to developers.

Transparency is especially important if you’re:

Don’t forget to future-proof your hiring process with AI

In the current macroeconomic environment, having an efficient tech hiring process is a must. To win, you need to leverage all available resources.

With the rise of AI, you should relook your approach to tech assessments. We recently sat down with Hung Lee (Curator for Recruiting Brainfood), Matthias Schmeißer (Global Director of Talent Acquisition at emnify) and Ilya Sakharov (CTO at Codility) to unpack how companies can best leverage technical assessments to improve their hiring strategy.

OfferZen premiers its latest documentary: TypeScript Origins

JavaScript superset TypeScript is South Africa’s second most-wanted programming language. More developers are excited to work with it in 2023. They aren’t the only ones excited about it.

Last week, we hosted exclusive premiere viewing parties with members of the TypeScript community.

If you weren’t able to attend one of the premiers, fear not. The documentary will officially be released to the OfferZen Origins YouTube channel on the 21st of September.

Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss out on the magic.

What it costs to hire a TypeScript developer in South Africa

Average Salary by Years Experience, showing 25th and 75th percentiles

Want to know what TypeScript developers earn in South Africa? We gathered data from 1,511 developers to better understand what TypeScript developers can expect to earn over the course of their careers.

Your next developer job is waiting for you
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