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OfferZen Updates: Unpacking OfferZen's Laravel Origins T-shirt Design
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Unpacking OfferZen's Laravel Origins T-shirt Design

16 March 2022, by Alexandra Hanson

We’re creating documentaries to tell the tech stories that inspire people to keep creating and learning, and ultimately, unlock more potential in both themselves and the software they’re building. As part of OfferZen’s first documentary, Laravel Origins, we’ve also created a developer-must: Swag. Here’s an unpacking of the design for the swag lovers and private detectives.

Through community references, the Laravel story so far, and some of the top contributors of the framework featured in the documentary, we’ve pieced together a collage of ‘all things Laravel’.

Check out the full design below and discover the world of Laravel through design 👇

Introducing: The Laravel Origins Shirt

Laravel Origins Shirt

Now, let’s unpack this collage and look at the references, starting from the bottom:


TailwindCSS logo: Adam Wathan’s framework, TailwindCSS, is very popular in the Laravel community. Laravel developers often use TailwindCSS to configure their CSS.

Tighten Logo

Tighten logo: Matt Stauffer’s company that contributes heavily to the Laravel ecosystem and helps other companies reap the benefits of Laravel.

PHP Artisan Inspire

PHP artisan inspire: A reference to the unique Artisan Console.

David Bowie Elephant

David Bowie Elephant: Referencing Laravels connection to PHP, we just had to include the well known ElePHPant. The face paint? Why miss out on an opportunity to make the elephant David Bowie inspired?

Taylor Ottwell Bobble Head

Taylor Otwell bobble head: Referencing the well known Taylor Otwell bobble head from the Laravel community.


Beep: The full Laravel application built, hosted, and open sourced by Taylor Otwell.

Rubber Duck

Rubber Duck: Referring to the process of ‘rubber ducking’, a method of debugging code where you talk through your coding problems with a friendly duck that won’t judge you.


Gameboy: This element has two unique references, one being a throwback to playing Mario Brothers on your gameboy. Secondly, referencing the OfferZen first love shirt.

Red Panda

Red Panda: Referencing the initial Laravel books created by Dayle Rees.


Crown: A reference to the OfferZen Merpug t-shirt design.

Laravel Livewire Jellyfish

Laravel Livewire Jellyfish: Linking back to Livewire, a full-stack framework for Laravel that makes building dynamic interfaces simple.


Dragon: A reference to Laravel v3. Laravel initially had an ASCII dragon in the paths.php file, originally created by Max Myers (but later got removed).


Guitar: This is a reference to Christoph Rumpel, and a few other influencers in the documentary, who happen to play guitar. Generally speaking, a lot of the key contributors are a musical bunch - Freek Van der Herten, Jeffrey Way, Adam Wathan and a few others all have guitars displayed in their home offices.

Rocket League Ball

Rocket League Ball: A throwback to Rocket League, a popular game that was mentioned by a few of the Laravel contributors in the documentary.

Excited about the shirt? We’ve officially launched our OfferZen merch store! For now, it contains our limited edition Laravel Origins Documentary merch, but keep your eyes peeled for more goodies soon.

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