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Tech Career Insights: Strategies to boost your mental health as a developer
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Strategies to boost your mental health as a developer

26 May 2023, by Chris Booth

It’s hard to look after our mental health - especially in a fast-paced industry like software development. It’s often an aspect that is overlooked or stigmatised, making it hard to ask for help when we need it. This is why we’ve put together a list of articles from developers sharing valuable lessons they’ve learnt about looking after their mental health and well-being.


Prioritising mental health transformed my life in the software industry

Shane Parker, a senior software engineer at GoDaddy, started taking his mental health seriously when he suffered from panic attacks as a result of burnout. In this article, he shares the small changes he made in his daily routine to improve his mental health, including journaling, meditation, and breathing exercises.

Prioritising self-care: How I found balance as a developer

A poor work-life balance is the third most common reason developers leave their jobs in both South Africa and The Netherlands. Front-end developer Xoliswa Nongcebo Shandu talks about the ways that she makes sure her work life doesn’t overtake her personal life, and that work, family and self-care remain balanced.

The Steps I’m Taking To Prioritise Mental Health in My Tech Career

Challenges like depression and panic attacks can have a serious effect on our work-life balance. DevOps engineer Apoorva Bhalla talks about her experience with depression and the steps she took at work to improve her mental health. This includes finding a colleague to confide in, making use of company resources, setting up time with HR, and seeking professional help.

Beating Bad Habits that Stunt Your Success

Developing good habits can help improve our mental health, but sometimes we can slip into bad habits. In this article, software developer Michael Forbes shares the ways he is beating bad habits to improve his work ethic and overcome a defeatist mindset and a lack of motivation.

How I Learnt To Fail Gracefully

It can be difficult to bounce back after a failure or setback has brought us down. Adelize van Eeden, a modelling and development engineer, shares a time when she struggled with a failure and the lessons she learnt about picking herself back up again and moving forward.

Finding the Right Fit: How a Great Work Environment Can Help You Excel

Finding the right work environment can have a huge benefit to our mental well-being and allows us to succeed as developers. In this article, software developer Muchenja Namumba shares how her company sets up employees to thrive. This includes how her company maintains supportive leadership, believes in their employees and their abilities, and provides unlimited learning opportunities.

Through these experiences, we can see that mental well-being is about being kind to ourselves and realising that we are all human. We can take steps in our own lives to improve mental health, but we can also reach out to others for support and guidance.


If you are experiencing any mental health concerns and looking for additional support, here are some resources you can use to seek professional help.

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