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Miro Template: Remote Retrospective

9 April 2020 , by Megan Boshoff

Retrospectives are a great way to check in with your team members at the end of the week and see how their missions have come along. This is especially important during remote working, as you no longer get to catch up serendipitously. At OfferZen, many teams have started using Miro for their retros. Here’s one of our templates.


If you’re new to Miro, on a Free Plan or Team Plan

Are you and your team not using Miro yet? Or are you on a Free Plan or Team Plan? We’ve got you covered! If you still want to test the template with a free account, you can download all the separate parts and add them to a board manually:

Download: Steps on How to Use Template
Download: The Sticky Board
Download: Team Retro Board
Download: Health Metrics
Download: Action Steps


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